After The Floods

“Year in year out the rains come and cause the same problems, no solutions, loss of lives and property through one negligence or another. So we need to call it what it is – a nation that lacks common sense. How many times do you have to be punched in the face before you know it hurts?”

People die out here (referring to Europe) too but mostly through their own negligence or it is preventable. In this situation it was the responsibility of city planners and government. Why the same problems every damn year. At what point do we say enough is enough. We need to hold the people accountable.”

These were the sentiments made by a Ghanaian living abroad when he read of the events of the flooding of June 3 into the early hours of June 4, 2015. I have already written about the Accra floods and I took some flak for the picture that was attached to the article because it was a year old. People didn’t even notice the insert photo that was taken three hours before the article was written and published.

Little did we know that a worse set of photos were about to invade social media circles barely 24 hours later.

This year that the mayor of Accra has won a very prestigious award as the Best Mayor in Africa and as such he is hosting the World Mayors Conference, it is as if the gods are angry with him for one violation or the other and are pissing on his shaggy captain Haddock beard.

The usual spots that I mentioned in the other article to be watched for flooding aka the usual suspects and this time the so called drains that they said were refurbished were taking away the water have now been clogged by the motor vehicles because they didn’t plan to channel the water into the drain but just built the drain.

Today is a sad day for the country for as if by design, there was an explosion at a filling station when a tanker was offloading in the rain and a spark ignited the fuel killing several people. Apart from the floods drowning people, this unlikely accident has overshadowed all else.

Now the question to ask is who is to blame? Where is the huge amount of money that was secured to build the drainage systems in the capital? Where did the money go? And now let’s listen to our president then and now.
In 2014 he said “ I have directed the Finance Minister to release funds immediately for the construction of storm drains in Accra. There will be no flooding in Accra again”.
Now he made another promise that this sad event will be looked into and will not happen again.


If we are to take our politicians word for it then we know that we are not going to move forward as a nation because it has become obvious time and time again that they only make ‘honorable political promises’ and then forget about them when they get the votes that secure them in the position of the people’s representatives.

Remember when a disaster happened and the same mayor of Accra in bravado resembling his lookalike Captain Haddock of Tintin fame fired the metropolitan works engineer in camera at a press conference. How many people died in that disaster and how many people died when the gods took piss in his beard and per some mischief a messenger lighted a candle to the piss. In all fairness to the former, he should just have fired himself in camera too by holding a press conference and tending in his resignation but alas it is not to happen. This is Africa.

Even whilst they inspect the damage of the floods somebody has to carry his umbrella so he doesn’t get his grey political suit wet. Reminds me of a photo by the Black Narrator of the mayors meeting with the president where they toast to a glass of bubbly whilst the president congratulates him on his award.

Furthermore, if we embrace the mediocrity and we don’t hold our leaders accountable then there is no need complaining as we do going on radio stations to shout our voices hoarse over what is wrong with this nation. Now everybody gets up and strikes are the other of the day. The only people whose salaries are constant are the politicians and the parliamentarians will only go against each other on anything else but money that is going into their pockets.

I have got to be careful before I am summoned before a parliamentary committee for libel. I can always say I was on heat in the spur of the moment so just venting.

It is about time Ghanaians woke up and realized that the real power is in their hands and they cede this power to the elected representatives and so when these representatives are not responsibly representing, they must be changed like diapers.

It just takes resetting the mindset one person at a time and making the Ghanaian a discerning voter.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!!


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