Development Plans

Granted it is very important that in development there are short and Long term plans, it is also of utmost importance that these plans are not made ad hoc but carefully thought out and executed. 

In business plans are laid carefully based on market projections and resources among other things that are taken into consideration.  Anybody in business will tell you this is a very sound business strategy. 

Now recently the national planning committee (didn’t even know such an outfit existed and where have they been all these years)came out with a 40 year development plan for our motherland Ghana. At its very inception there were bound to be problems.

Does it mean that the plan is going to cover all sectors of the economy?
Was the plan to cover every region both socially and economically?
What will then happen to the previous plans that have existed over the years such as the Vision 2020?
In a country where the party agenda supersedes the national agenda how could this work with the various manifestos?
How committed were Ghanaians going to be to this development plan?

And a whole lot more.

Some of these issues the planning committee tackled as if they were tackling Frequently Asked Questions online and in my candid opinion didn’t do pretty well to convince some of vs that this was going to work.

To get commitment of political parties for example will require legislation that will make it binding on any political party leading government to put aside their partisan interests and deal according to plan. That in itself raises not only a question of if the legislation will pass but also if the plan is concrete enough.

Were all the stakeholders consulted before they rolled out the plan or a couple of government statisticians and economists gathered in a hole and surfaced with a plan?

The last time such a development plan think tank was gathered it was a weekend at a plush and cosy Riverside resort at taxpayers expense and ironically the nation’s economic woes weighed down so hard on one of the best brains in the country’s heart enough to make him keel over in the middle of the street whilst driving.

This country is in a mess and if anybody can’t see it then they’re either serial callers or party fanatics.

Don’t get me wrong. We’re doing just dine on paper compared to other nations but with the resources at our disposal we can do way much better than we are now. It’s just how we are managing these resources that’s the problem.

A development plan is good but only as good as the people who roll it out and Those who ensure that it is carried out. With the kinda attitudes we have as Ghanaians we would need a complete mind shift overhaul for this or any such plan to work. We can do all the promos, provide all the logistics, and pull out all the stops but to make this plan work we need the people to accept it and be committed to it.

It won’t work otherwise.

This is Ghana our Motherland and we all have to put our hands to the till to make it work. Let’s all help develop our nation and count ourselves proud Ghanaians.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!!


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