Worth the Wait

The Good Book says that good comes to Those that wait and they are blessed. For Those that wait upon the lord he shall renew their strength …

Recently in a fit of hunger my friend Kukua and me decided to go “scavenging” for food.  Heck! The lights were off and none of us was in the mood to cook. Not that it would’ve made any difference anyways cos I don’t cook.  So we parked the car at home and set off to look for the closest chop bar that didn’t serve the usual heavy stuff taxi drivers eat for lunch, not that we’d mind terribly if we had banku for lunch.

Everywhere we asked for food in the area we were pointed to a restaurant further away but every time one restaurant name was the last resort. 

What we noticed from our scavenging foray was that most of the food joints that were rice based were all closed and operated at night to clientele out in town so during the day they were closed.

Chatting and laughing we trudged on further and further and even walked into a supermarket hand in hand like a newly married couple only to walk up one aisle to check if they had a certain item in stock and walked out. That got a few confused stares but who cared. 

Up on the hill we looked into the far distance of what was our destination and as if  on cue my tummy gave a rumble to remind me that very soon the acids will be unleashed on my intestines which were empty cos I’d also been to the loo and gotten rid of any reserves. 

Finally after several eventful minutes we got to our destination but being lost we asked for directions and gratefully somebody.actually took us to the little restaurant tucked into the corner of some obscure road.

Being hungry we had to opt for what to eat so we decided to eat banku but that choice brought up a simultaneous growl from both our tummies when we saw the queue of people going down that lane to the small booth opening whilst the jollof line was pretty idle. 

Hunger dictates!

Having ordered the jollof realized that inasmuch as we were hungry, being in this together had formed a stronger bond so we ordered food together and ate from Same bowl.

Why am I going on and on about with this story. There are various lessons to be learnt in this story quite apart from the obvious being hungry and going off to scavenge for food. 

First lesson in Life is that it is important to make friends who will share not only your joy with you but also your pain even with you’re hungry. 

That a true friend will stick by you in times of trouble and help you get out of it amidst laughter. Even when you’re both hungry.

Friends stick by you when you need them to but they will only do that when they know you’ll also be there for them and this is done by demonstrating that you’re a friend. People come into our lives for various reasons mostly selfish but true friendship is voluntary and a thankless job.

It’s also very important to get like minded friends who will help to build your dreams or make you a better person via their inputs into yo Life. Let your tummies rumble together.

Wow! Just a simple walk to find food to quell hunger has turned into a classroom. Now the question is that is Life itself not the biggest classroom? Everything happens for a reason and this writer doesn’t believe in coincidences. We learn the lessons with each step that we take in Life and that’s why it becomes important to have The Maker order our steps on the right path (there are several directions)

It’s important as we trudge through this Life that we pick up lessons as we go no matter how how inconsequential because you don’t know when that knowledge will be needed to get out of a situation.

One step at a time and the right steps will make people look up to you to find their paths too.

Oh! And the jollof was worth the walk. Tasted almost perfect so much so that we’re inviting more friends to this little restaurant tucked away somewhere in an obscure area so we can all attest to it’s taste.

But like I always say:
It Begins with YOU!!


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