Walk Through The Hood

Taking a stroll through my old hood, spent a greater part of my life trudging these streets and walkways.

So I took a bar from Kaneshie got down at korlebu junction and walked through the lane where The Tagoes used to live, though the nurses flats through Nurses Training College to Midwifery School, past the Medical and Dental Schools near the post office to the place where the Guggisberg statue used to be.

Took a stroll on the corridor that goes infront of the Telecom Exchange and some wards (forgotten what it was), that led to the eye clinic to my right but went straight on through the pharmacy to wait for my friend to come get me.

He lives with his family in the police flats of which part was taken to build the car park near the administration. Said a prayer of blessing for his family and as he sees me off I promise his daughters ice cream on my next visit.

As I write this in the shadow of the administration block I can hear the usual cacophony of evening noise of the night security of the administration in a heated soccer debate as if to make people aware they’re not asleep and the usual late night call of driver’s mates finding passengers “Agege last car!”, “Yes post office!”, “Banana Inn”

Furthermore I can smell the Kenkey, fish,  kelewe and other assorted foods in oil and hear the blaring music accompanying the sales providing entertainment.

Young boys gather in bands by the roadside holding different conversations and I overhear some Interesting topics from soccer to politics and social issues in general.

Hey,  I’m impressed by the array of ATM machines just at the main gate.  Technology and modernity catching up with us. 

Well, lemme just put my tablet away as I walk on the pavement towards the lorry station to get a Kaneshie taxi. There have never been lights on this part of the pavement as I walk past the spot at the former Mobil near the Lab Tech school.

I’m watching out for the motorcycle snatch gangs. 

It’s been fun.



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