Naked Thoughts

So I jumped out of bed with a start and padded naked to the bathroom. As if by automaton I brushed my teeth, did I really,  and put on the tap to fetch water into the bucket in the bath. Grabbed the classic – The Karamazov Brothers by the window sill and sat on my reading throne. Here I was not even remembering what page I last got to but flipping through the eccentricities of Russian political folklore and culture.

So I’m thinking too, today what’s the plan ? Where am I gonna take Akua and Chibu (coming home from the USA)to go to in Accra that they haven’t seen already. All the boys will be working so I got them for the day. Well, hope by the time I’m done dressing up the call will come asking what we’re doing and by then I’d have thought of something.  On that note, my king for a day journey ends and I step into the bath.

The first pail of cold water that hits me reminds me that I am alive and I mumble a prayer of thanks in God and then the Epiphany sets in. 

Damn! The gals already left.

If I had realized this earlier I wouldn’t have jumped out of bed that quickly enough to jolt my brain matter. I’d have cuddled up under my single bedside cover cloth and just while the morning away.

I’d just have languidly walked into the kitchen and gotten myself a beverage of cocoa drink with biscuits, and still naked go hunting for the television remote to set my movies for the day.

Yeah! I got lights today.

But alas! Here I stand in the bath talking a cold shower with the pale in my hand, just having lonely thoughts.

It was good you came through and God bless you in all you do 

You girls Rock!!


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