Urban Living

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So I’m sure you’re wondering why I chose a title like this for a blog article and I promise you’d know by the time I finish writing this piece. Sorry if it sounds contrite that I’m thinking for you but that’s my style today. Please bear with me.

Some of us have experienced what life is like out of urban life, and here I’m referring to life out of the capital, not necessarily in a village (do we even still have typical villages in Ghana?) Admittedly life out of the capital is very laid back and some may consider it very slow compared to what they are used to in the city.

After living in Tamale for close to four years, it has become increasingly difficult to readjust into life in the capital especially with all the social pressure life in the city entails. I have detailed some of this in my other articles as to my fears when I have to stay go the city and how after a fortnight I’m itching to run back to my “backwater” which nowadays has all the perks of urban life minus the social pressure and stress of life in the fast lane.

Transport fares cost more albeit the traffic caused by more cars and less roads (the back roads don’t work and if they do are non motorable when it rains), food costs more unless you really know where to buy cheap food, and the environment is just not conducive especially with allergies like mine.

One time I got off the bus at dawn and somebody was burning rubbery thrash and foam and when it hit a sneezing fit lasted the whole day even with antihistamine drugs in my system.

Life in the city however is pleasurable and fun because all the entertainment activities are centred in the city. Albeit being a hermit, coming out at night then becomes the best bet. That is when there is less traffic and less people and transport is easily accessible. Taxis in the city don’t sleep and as such for the right price you can move from point A to any destination you want. All the better if you’re driving yourself.

Hanging out with friends is sometimes a chore especially when friends are in competition with each other as to who is doing better than the other and inasmuch as it’s subtle, a discerning person will notice in the body language. Healthy competition is however good for personal and national development. For a straggler, this competition is at times good because each young person wants to host and wildest party ever and that translates to more free food and drinks and loads of fun every other day.

It is even as if there’s a competition as to who has the more grey in their beards (you should see how carefully groomed some of these beards are) and who has the rounder pot belly to match.  Attended a birthday party for one 40year old and most of the young people there had pot bellies the size of gourds and laughed out too loudly.

Amazing how people complain that there is no money in the system yet manage to splash money for the kinda clothes and comfort they surround themselves with.

Urban life is full of all sorts and to be urban trendy young people have to keep up with the trends using the latest toys and gadgets, driving the poshest cars, listening to hip music, hanging out at the most this pubs and having the prettiest of the opposite species by their side.

On the other side are the hermits who care for none of these but still live on from day to day. They all walk the same space in the city.

As I observed them all I felt a part of everything. This was the life I had been an integral part of attending the most rave parties and hosting some myself, just being wild and carefree half the time just so I wouldn’t be bored but this was me now, taking long walks at midnight (insomniac moments)whilst tapping away on my tablet having a social media discussions on platforms with people halfway across the world. It’s amazing how the armed robbers have left me alone so far and I thank God for miracles. I wont even try to understand the unseen battles fought on my behalf, only giving thanks to God.

So yes, this is what urban life, life in the capital, has become. Young people work so hard and party harder else they be drowned by the weight of the stress. If you’re reading this just weigh your life and see if it’s worth dying for and I suggest it’s high time you took a real break from life in the city.

Spend a weekend outside the city without your toys and gadgets and come back refreshed. Your body needs it, your mind too.

They say health is wealth but then it doesn’t work unless it begins with YOU!!


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