Customers Relations

Absolute shock of my life yesterday in Accra Central Rawlings Park when I tried to buy sunglasses and this old man in one of these shops just told me in twi that I was becoming a bother just for asking for a different case for the sunglasses I wanted to purchase.

Indeed we always talk about how hard the economy is and all and how customer service is dead but really? To tell a customer quite rudely that he’s a bother for asking questions not even on the efficacy of the sunglasses but questions on the cases I will put the sunglasses in?

Well I walked out. It is my loss, I know, but then our attitudes towards providing services and general human relations needs revision.

This post has taken a different turn than I intended to but well, there is an African proverb that says when the cooking pot gets full, it touches the lid.

We are all involved.

It begins with you!


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