Somewhere To Go

Several weeks ago I planned a trip out of my residence in Tamale and intended to spend a quiet weekend with my twin and roommate out of town so she could have a quiet weekend to ourselves out of the familiar settings and also she needed and deserved the rest. Few days to the trip we get news that a young man whom we had met and become acquainted to in church had passed on.

The circumstances are still bizarre as to how he died but suffice it to say it was shocking and very unexpected. Dude was driving in traffic approaching a checkpoint, gets to the checkpoint, is checked, asked to drive on and puts his head on the steering wheel and just passes out. Policeman had to drive him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Cause of death unknown.

Well so now I had to factor attending a funeral into our itinerary of events for the quiet weekend since it will be held in same town we’d be in.

So here I am sitting in a funeral and I see tears in my eyes. True this dry weather is bad for my eyes and it has to lubricate itself but I’m genuinely sad. The youngman left a young wife and a 3 little children, his brothers and sisters are aghast with grief and his mother is beyond livid. She’s been struck dumb, letting out voiceless shreaks but the grief is all over almost everybody here.

The height of grief is when his oldest son barely 5 read the tribute to his daddy so eloquently and in other circumstances it would’ve been worth clapping for because this is an obviously intelligent boy but his tribute rather brought out more grief and set almost half the women at the funeral grounds wailing uncontrollably. Same thing happened during the tribute of the wife who couldn’t even get up to read it but was read for her, by her sister, in the local twi dialect.

Throughout the funeral ceremony one thing kept striking me and as the emcee kept reiterating, that we all have somewhere to go. The emcee kept emphasizing that the deceased was a driver but being Christian his funeral ceremony was quiet and solemn because his loved ones had come to pay their last respects deservedly. In other funerals with deceased of that profession, drunken and rowdy men have usually taken over and done as they pleased disrupting the ceremony.

We all have somewhere to go. The Good Book says that it is appointed onto man once to die and afterwards judgement.

What legacy are we leaving on this earth whilst we are here. It is hardly a matter of religion at times but then a matter more of who we are and what we are contributing to this earth whilst we are here.  As for the religious aspect it is between the individual and his Maker. We need to ask The Creator what His purpose for us is on this earth and PRAY that He gives us the strength to achieve it and when it is time calls us to Himself.

Many of us have a calling to do something for others but we’re holding back because of one reason or the other. You know what it is but I tell you, sitting in at a funeral of a 35 year old man who died in his prime, in bizarre circumstances has a way of putting life in perspective and becoming a wake up prodding iron to put your house in order, for no one knows the time or day..

We all have somewhere to go but like every journey you’ve got to prepare one way or the other. The journey of a million leagues begins with just one step but that step is taken by you.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!!


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