New Years Day

The year 2015 has been such a blessed year for me that when I was asked in church to give a testimony I declined not because I had nothing to say but more because honestly I don’t know where to start from cos God has been good to me beyond measure. To give the testimony would mean to hold the whole church back for another hour just listening to the handiwork of God.

Inasmuch as 2015 was a trying year it was also a year of myriad blessings especially in the area of philanthropy. This was a year when thankfully volunteerism got to its epoch by virtue of social media. More people have avenues for helping out and doing philanthropy in areas where it is needed for the betterment of society.

It is a year that more people who want to help out with social causes have found opportunity to help. We realized that people had always wanted to help out both materially and physically but just didn’t have any avenues to. Hence social media and several organizations like GhanaThink Foundation and Ghana Voluntary Program have created a platform for such people.

There are several people who are disadvantaged in society and these people need our love too and it is for such people that we do philanthropy. Yeah! Even though we are disadvantaged doesn’t mean they are not human and shouldnt at least enjoy the benefits of their being human.

It is in this regard that yours truly supported a charitable organization,  iDomateGh to spend time at the children’s ward of the Accra Psychiatric  Hospital just so the children could be part of the Christmas celebrations and not left out.  Just dancing  with them, feeding them and generally being around them has the effect of putting the world in perspective for whoever.

We take a lot for granted. God has blessed us with so much and yet we keep grumbling that it’s never enough. 

Let me shock you with some statistics that will put you dear reader into hyper drive.  Out of the 24 children of various ages in the ward, only 2 do not wear diapers.  Their whole bodily functions clock is shot and basically useless so the nurses and attendants take care of this twice a day. Commenting, one young nurse said “here you can only be a mother and a nurse..”

My new year’s day was well spent. Spent my day thanking God for my life and the life of the children and people I got to spend the fan day with.

It is high time some of us realized that this life is not always about you but what you can do for others. Support a cause now and be committed to it whether financial or participatory. Let us at least try to make this world a better place one person at a time.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!


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