Random kindness


I was awed by an action by a certain man I’ve come to consider an acquaintance since I’ve come to stay in Tamale. This man owns a phone shop across the street from where I live and when I discovered he was a money transfer agent I went to him for a transaction. I’ve been his customer for quite some time now thus we exchanging  pleasantries.

There was this one time load shedding or dumsorr had me pinned down when I had some reports to finish and deadlines were creeping on me. Even though my lights were off, there was lights across the street where he had his shop and even though I was skeptic at first, I gathered courage to approach him and ask if I could charge my gadgets with his electricity.

Anybody who knows me knows I  carry a whole horde of gadgets on me at any particular time and when he said yes I could, I was excited only for the excitement to last just a few seconds when he said but he had to go out. My face was fallen. Seeing how disappointed I was then offered me an out. It was possible he would be coming back so if I could put my gadgets on charge, they’d have been charged by the time id got back.

This was a way out but here is a case I have to use about 3 gadgets whilst they were charging so I opted to leave the power banks in his shop and still try to find somewhere else I could be charging and using the laptop and tablets at the same time. Moreover if he didn’t come back I could come for my power banks in the morning glutted with the charge.

So he left for his appointment, locking up his shop whilst I went further down the street to talk to the kebab sellers who let me use their extended socket to charge my laptop which in turn charged my tablet and allowed me to do my research and polish up some reports.

It was way after midnight and I kept an eye on the shop hoping it will open so I get my gadgets and go home to attempt to sleep. But alas it was a No show. I was tired and set off for home. Just as I was about to put my key into the lock I had a phone call. I picked up only for the shop owner to tell me he was back in the shop and I could come for my gadgets. Truth be told if he had stayed on the line for ten seconds more I would’ve told him I’d see him the next day because I was too tired.

But I’m glad I headed back because when I got to the shop I realized that everything indicated that he had really had the same debate with himself too having worked the whole day and tired, whether to come back to the shop and he indeed had come back just because he understood my situation and wanted me to have my gadgets for the night to do my work.

Wow! I was so impressed when I collected my gadgets and even as I headed out he walked with me and padlocked his shop, getting on his motorcycle and retiring for the night.

I’ve been thinking of this act of kindness no his part and even though he doesn’t realize it, it is acts like this that restore our faith in the country and its people. It is not all about being selfish but there are people who do selfless sacrifices just for the comfort of others and by so doing making Ghana a better nation one person at a time.

You can also do it. Do a random act of kindness to a random person. It doesn’t matter whether they are grateful or not but it will matter to you knowing that it will definitely come back to you.

Make the world a better place one act of kindness at a time.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!


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