The Photographer


We all take pictures but some people take pictures and you wonder what is it they see that you don’t see when they capture the images so close to whats on your mind’s eye. These days with the availability of high resolution camera lenses and photo editing it has become how abundantly clear that God is wonderful in creating the human being and how we process our sensory functions.

But yes that aside, photography has taken a new trend especially in Ghana where several people have taken up photography not only as a hobby but also a profession. There are several names I can mention here and these are my friends. Percy Osei aka Mutombo and his Fotombo, Kobe Subraiman, Theo Ofoli-Kwei, Nii Kwei, Yooku Ata-Bedu, Yaw Pare, Qwarme Erzuah, Kwame Genesiz, Nii Kpakpo Thompson, Sena Mr Two, and several others. These people are taking Ghana places with the photos they take of several locations in this country.

It is not usually about location but then even though some of the photographers have a specialization, based on their interests, the social collectivity of what they do explores what it feels like to be Ghanaian.

Now with all these people doing what they do and with the proliferation and availability of high resolution camera phones so anybody can take a photo, you’d ask yourself what would one more photographer change or what impact would one more make?

But immediately I saw her taking a photograph and I could easily recognize the passion for photography and set me wondering how she framed the photos in her mind and tried to get it just as it was in her mind. I must confess this was the first time I was seeing a photographer carrying her own torch for added light so she can get a scene right when it was just a normal photo and not a photo shoot in a studio. I had to meet this photographer by all means and then we were introduced.

Usually when people shift from foot to foot it is because they were nervous but here was this calm young woman, yes she’s a pretty young woman who could pass for a model herself. But this pretty long legged young woman is a photographer.

When she heard that I lived in Tamale she screamed in excitement and started bombarding me with questions. What is the place like, what is there to see, any things of interest, all in rapid succession. Then she said she had a gig in Bolga but was thinking of stopping over in Mole Game Reserve before she headed out.

Wow! The excitement. I was smitten!

Oh indeed I was smitten indeed and done everything possible to make that dream come true. One thing that kept coming to mind in all this is that the turn of the new year we all prayed that God help us meet our destiny changers but do we even think that we could be somebody’s destiny changer.

So now Kafui Praise if you’re reading this you now know my motivation for doing what I do. Seeing her passion for photos is unlike any I have seen in all my photographer friends that I mentioned earlier and something just drives me to try to help out with that dream and like being a part of something big doesn’t really count.

So now that we know let’s all keep an eye on @kafui praise (Facebook and instagram) and feel free to drop any comments on any of her social media pages. She’s also available for booking for events. Let her capture your fondest moments and memories in photos that will match your mental images.

Passion will definitely take you far and with God as your helper, you know you will make it.

Identifying that passion like I always say begins wit YOU!


5 Responses to “The Photographer”

  1. I’m Speechless … Thanks Kola. . For making my tour to the North a reality. .. Indeed, you my destiny Helper.. God Bless you beyond your wildest imagination.

  2. Kafui is an awesome photographer. I can’t begin to imagine where she will be in 10 years, nay, 5!

  3. ma mehn!
    i may hit your side of town at the end of the third quarter insha’Allah!

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