Of Good People and God People

A very reflective post from Nuerki as she chooses to write on those moments of despair when you think you’re alone and there’s nowhere to turn.

More food for thought.

Remember when you were told not to share or discuss your challenges with a certain group of people because they were not part of the family(i don’t mean biological)
“Oh, they do not believe like we do”, “of what fellowship has light with darkness”, “be not unequally yoked with unbelievers” and a host of other pseudo-religious speak are among the long list of reasons were given. Before you accuse me of being borderline blasphemous or turning my back on all I have been raised to believe as a Christian, take a minute to finish reading.

We have GOOD people who may not necessarily be GOD people.

Don’t start the being-a-good-person-is-not-an-automatic-pass to heaven line with me. I agree but that is a different discussion altogether.

I’m talking about people who may not share our faith but have proven time and again to be more caring and supportive than those we call ‘family’.

Sometimes, God sends help and comfort from the least expected of places. A friend’s story that has stuck with me over the years was from a time when she just couldn’t keep up with anything. Work, home, church, social life.  She was her usual bubbly self on the outside but the rope she was holding on to had unravelled till there was just a thin, weak strand left. When you’ve practised maintaining a picture-perfect look for the world, it takes a lot for another to see beyond the mask. Even I didn’t notice and I consider myself a great friend, just not as bubbly.

One day, she walked into work with a cocktail of pills, hoping to make the most dramatic exit from this earth. She sat in her tiny office, looking out of the window but seeing nothing and mentally composing her adieu to life note. Then, her phone rang. It was her boss’ boss. He asked to see her for a minute.
She was quite irritated by the interruption but relieved at the same time because her courage was failing and she needed one more nudge to push her off the ledge.

“Oh Lord, let this *insert his religion here* man criticise me harshly for my abysmal presentation yesterday. Let his words shred my last bit of self-esteem into the vapour my life will soon become.”

He was waiting for her at the door to his office and quickly enveloped her in a big, warm hug.

Every fibre of her being struggled with him but the harder she tried, the warmer and tighter the hug got. After a while, she stopped fighting and let the warmth wash over her. That’s when the tears came. Gut-wrenching sobs poured out of her tortured spirit.

“Hush child, it is well. God knows. You are not forgotten.”

He gave her a seat and made her a cup of tea. Yes, tea makes everything better. All Qwarme’s friends know this. heheheheee… Heaven knows I’ve drank more tea in January alone than all of last year but I digress.

That was all he said.
Simple words.

None of the “what’s wrong; you know you can talk to me, right?; what happened?; who is hurting you?”.

Questions asked more in in the spirit of konkonsa harvesting than a solicitous and genuine concern for the well-being of another. And get this, he was of another faith. Someone she would never think of discussing her life with and yet, that was where she found solace.

If you’re struggling with anything, you don’t need to do it alone. Your “equally-yoked” brethren may not be available or may even be the source of your struggle. Don’t worry about what ‘they’ will say. Find a friend. More importantly, keep an open heart as you wait for a miracle.

It could come from anywhere.



There you have it. There are good people and there are God people and you can be either one or both of them.

Like always say it begins with YOU!


2 Responses to “Of Good People and God People”

  1. Truth Kofi…sometimes all you need is a hug, someone to just sit with you and say nothing and you would be fine….

    funny how I found you; from kenikodjo, to kasaKoa to your page….

    good write up..

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