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Lately I have fallen in love with this woman’s posts on her Facebook wall and with her permission I’m sharing her words with my readers. She really knows how to tickle one’s brains with her mental spatula.

We have all been culprits of berating some professions but lately things are changing and some professions that we hitherto looked down upon have become the high earners. Let me not spoil the story but just read this:

In a conversation with my 5yr old daughter the other day, she asked if I knew what she wanted to be in future. Without waiting for a response, she went on to say she would be a lawyer and a hairdresser.

Eh? “Hairdresser s3 s3n?“, was my immediate reaction in my heart. But I smiled and asked why.

She proceeded to give a detailed description of what lawyers do and how they dress. She even threw in the bit about having to talk to “the old man sitting at the big table with his hammer and a frown on his face”. I believe she got that impression from a movie but what does it matter? Judges won’t be quite as revered if they looked pleasant all the time.

Regarding the hairdresser bit, she said she just likes doing ladies’ hair and making them look pretty.

At this point, I’m thinking “…” Never mind what I was thinking. I repented almost immediately. I told her she could be whatever she wanted to be if she worked hard at it. After all, I should be the last person to protest.

After completing junior secondary school, there was a 6-month break before senior secondary school commenced. Most of my mates were travelling, party hopping, hanging out at libraries(even then!) or just at home doing “adi-das”(eating and sleeping). I had no such luck. Mother mine enrolled me in adepam school. I was at the peak of my snobbish-ness by then and I wished the ground would just open up and swallow me whole. It would be less painful that way.

How could I, this too known, intelligent-and-she-knows-it, smart mouth girl who dey see ein body pass…who cared that I was still transitioning from ugly duckling to swan? In my eyes and from the lips of the boys, I was the finest thing since sliced bread…

Anyway, how could my mother be so cruel and send me to sewing school? Did she know the class of people who went to such places?

I cried, fasted and prayed(yup! I was a religious snob. The worst kind) in the hope that she would see she’d erred and let me stay at home but no! Off to sewing school I went.

What killed me was having to wear a uniform.

As if I hadn’t been humiliated enough. Every day, I would fold that cheap white polyester dress in my bag, hang out with my mates all morning until it was time for school. Then I’d make up some excuse, rush to school and change in the bathroom before class. At a point I even told my parents somebody had been following me and I was scared. Did that help? I wish. They just decided my father would pick me up every evening after school. What did I ever do wrong universe, to make you conspire against me?

I must be very honest, though. I totally loved the school. The headmaster was mean but every time I entered that classroom and saw all the sewing machines, yarns, fabric, patterns and what nots, my mood lifted and I took every lesson seriously. I just couldn’t shake the brand attached to the profession off.

In no time, I was sewing for myself and friends. I was probably the only student in Motown who sewed her own prep uniform.

Whilst getting ready for work this morning, I recalled this experience and a chat I had had with EmperorTonyi (CEO of Horseman Shoes) which ended with how we look down our noses at certain careers and believe them to be the sole preserve of the lower class, the not quite as intelligent, those who couldn’t make it into the university or even senior high school.

Thank God times are changing and we are placing more value on these professions.

Next time you hear someone say they want to be a tailor, shoemaker, artist, carpenter or mechanic, look past your degrees, airs and whachamacallits and be reminded that they are all just as important as the accountants, lawyers, doctors and architects.

My name is Nuerki[corporate trainer, seamstress, goldsmith and part time fake-deep writer ]


Need I say more?
Over to YOU!


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