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So I’m sitting in my corner just after waking up in the  morning and my niece in Italy sends me a message that she needs my help with her final year end of semester paper in her high school.  So being curious I asked her what it entails and this is what she sent me:

There are 11 subjects in all and you are asked questions randomly in all and all the topics done throughout. Exam is divided in 3sections or categories,

1) 2 essays in 6hrs and here its not that easy cos you’ve to know much about what you’ve done in Italian literature n in my case i have to know about Law n econs n sociology,  psychology anthropology since they are my main course. Any question from this part can drop.

2) in a different day we have either 3 subjects with 4 questions each to answer or 4 subjects with 3 questions each to answer, and you have 3hrs to finish all. 

3) last test is orals where you can be asked any question by all six teachers seated in front of you, with the school principal and others, all in one room and oh about the teacher, 3 are external teachers and 3 are internal and with this method there’s no cheating.

45 or more minutes for every student but first of all, every student has to prepare some sort of presentation from home to present to the teachers within 10mins and it’s got be about a topic you’ve treated in any subject or something that has sense.  And after your presentation the questions from the teachers present can follow.

Wow!  I said to myself this is indeed education where individuals are allowed to be creative and even before you finish high school you have presentation skills.

Now let’s compare that to a circular going round on whatsapp groups in Ghana with regards to the final year WAEC SSCE. This is against the backdrop of how examinations are conducted in the whole of Africa and the recent track record of the examining body.




1. Always when you need a particular subject, the first thing you do is to make your payment.

2. After making payment you call for verification then you get a code. The code is an evidence that you have paid.

3. Then you will be added unto the list to be given the questions dito dito

4. Payment ends at 7:30pm daily for all subjects.
After payment ends we do not reply any client who do not have a code because he want to get time to help those who have codes.

5. Money is 100% refundable when questions does not come.
Buying papers is not compulsory.

6. We will post the first paper for free on this page for you to know the link is strong and we will be posting every subject for free 15mns for the paper to start so that those who dont have money can also glance through the questions.

Dont forget to learn.

For past questions, mocks and trial questions click this link>>>>

If #you #are #a 2016 #waec #wassce #candidate #and #you #need #a #strong #link #to #pass #this #exams #this #is #what #you #do:

A. Comment with the word CANDIDATE.

B. The Whatsap mr.luke on 0249580584

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There you have it. Which of these education systems harnesses the talents of individuals and grooms them for the future in this cosmopolitan era? Sometimes some of us are saddened by the examination malpractices that we so much gloat in and its interesting to see parents even at the lowest levels aiding and abetting these malpractices.

Maybe this has been facilitated by our system being overrun by the colonial legacy of needing certificates to prove how good we are at anything. But upon closer examination there are very successful people in society who have made it without resorting to these academic laurels that we are so obsessed about.

The best classroom to learn in is from life itself and the earlier we realize that even though it is prudent to get the certificate, it is also very wise to apply what is learnt from the classroom in the school of life. Book sense needs to merge with street sense to make a fully functioning individual.

Well, I’ve said my piece you think this thorough and make up your own mind. Let’s try to be influential in helping make real learning possible in our system (it starts with reading) and put in place systems that work for us.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!


2 Responses to “Ghana Education”

  1. I just stumbled over your blog and quite enjoy your writing. I lived in Ghana for a year in 2010/11 and this really brings me back – I miss it so much. I want some Kelewele, I want to sit on the porch listening to the monsoon rains, I want a bumpy ride in a Tro and fresh Papaya from the roadside …

    I very much agree with your thoughts on the differences in education. During my time in Ghana I worked for the German Red Cross in a teaching capacity, and the Ghanaian education system disappointed me, to say the least. It’s all about hammering facts into student’s brains, to make them learn stuff by heart without any critical analysis or discussion required.

    My students were unable to draw any inferences from what I was teaching them. I wasn’t asking for anything overly critical, but all they could come up with was exactly what I had told them before, in almost the exact same phrasing.

    I am not sure how it works on a higher education level (I taught primary and junior high), but I believe that the Ghanaian education system would greatly benefit from shifting gear.

    • Thank you. It is even worse at the college level and teachers don’t help out so we churning out half baked graduates who basically cant think for themselves or have any new ideas.
      There are exceptions though..
      Thank you for yo submission..

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