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Selfless Dedication

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I have been debating with myself how to write this story for weeks but today it hit me that I can’t postpone it any longer. I have wanted to write the story but for weeks on end I have still not found an angle to write the piece whether as an inspiring story or just as a story of somebody worth emulating.

So whilst I’m having one of my rare bowel movements in my most favorite place of the house, the only place where I sit on a throne because I’m king of my body, I’d finish this story or at least get a draft in place.

In several articles I have written in the not so far past I have alluded to nationalism being dead as against chivalry thrown to the dogs in this post Beijing era. But once in a while a story rears its ugly head out and you realize that humanity  hasn’t failed but just that we have lost hope in ourselves and such stories help buoy our hope in our humanity.

Furthermore in the spirit of the independence season it has become imperative that this story is written to support the saying that you have to believe in something or you’d fall for anything. It is with this same attitude this story contains that our forebears fought for independence for our dear motherland.

So this story as you somehow might have fathomed by now is not so much about a person but what he represents.

Giant John Tsimese popularly known as Anigi Nash is a man with a very calm demeanor. He attended his high school education at Ghana Secondary Technical School in Tadi and completed in 1993.  Thanks to social media platforms he reconnected with his school mates after 23 years and he’s since been active in the rebuilding and projects in making his Alma mater one of the best schools in Ghana.

Matters concerning the school are really  dear to his heart.

On a visit to the school by some alumni it was noticed that there was a looming danger in the school, a silent killer that sucked the blood of the generations that now inhabit the school. There was a massive infestation of bed bugs in the school that needed to be dealt with.

The plague of the bugs was so severe that a drastic action needed to be taken and within a limited time frame. When the plague was discovered the students were on vacation and with just over a month to reopening it meant that this was the window for the alumni association to act on the plague if they wanted to help.

By virtue me being best placed to deal with the issue at stake immediately, this man stood up tall, all six foot plus frame of his and responded to the urgency by marshalling resources of his company JEM INTERCONTINENTAL SERVICES to do a total fumigation exercise of the whole school compound.

When the alumni association drew a budget for the project it was realized that to wait to get the total amount before the exercise commenced meant that it will take some time before this looming plague can be dealt with and this blood sucking vampire bugs had to be taken care of once and for all.

Upon agreement the fumigation exercise commenced and was completed by this stalwart giant who loved his Alma mater.  After a few weeks the schedule was met and the students came to school to a plague free environment. This pleased several parents and made them proud that their wards were in a school that cared not only for their academic progress but also their health and safety.

Many news media carried the story and shared it as an example for other schools to emulate. GSTS has become a textbook case for students health and safety through one singular act that has been executed with a sense of urgency.

But now came a time for the debt paid the contractor to be paid and the alumni of the school were tasked and in some cases levied to mitigate the funds for the fumigation. This is where it gets interesting.

The executor of the contract being an alumnus himself doesn’t exempt himself from the general contributions and levies paid on the several alumnus platforms he belongs to but is one of the most consistent contributors to the emergency pay back fund nicknamed ABCD.

If this is not an act of selflessness then wonder what is. It is interesting that many people will read this article in various ways but please bear in mind that I’m the one writing this and this is my viewpoint. This story should not be limited to just between us giants but should be shared so people realize that even in these times of mistrust and selfishness there are still many people out there who will still go out of their way to support what they are passionate about.

This story is not for us but written so posterity, especially  students who will pass through the four walls and the oval field of Mother Tesco, will understand what it takes to be a GIANT.

He’s not alone. Many giants have done greater things and this man doesn’t see what he’s done as a herculean feat because he did it out of passion.  There is a saying that love what you do and you’d never work a day in your life. This is one of those moments.

Now you’ve heard the story of one giant who selflessly did what he could do for his Alma mater and another giant who told the story as it is. What are you doing for God and country?

Like I always say it begins with YOU!