Wa Travelogues


Whilst waiting for my Tamale bound bus to get full I decide to sit at the lorry station of the big buses from Accra as they arrive and let off passengers who have travelled over half a day through the night to get to their destination.  The task is to try to put the different passengers into who they are:  business travelers, students, people coming back from holiday, general visitors and the most fascinating group of all the Johnny Just Comes (those who are coming to Wa for the first time)

The last group of passengers are so interestin to observe cos they don’t want to seem as green as they really are and are on their phones trying to get to their contacts that they are here. They have all sorts of perceptions about visiting up north and are on a look out for the young boys who are always around the station ready to carry load or the taxi, and quite recently, the “mahama kambuu” boys.

Not too long ago I was one of these people..

Contrary to these group are the familiars who get down and have this look on their faces of being pissed if the person supposed to meet them is not here waiting. After that many hours on the bus they’re not ready to smile until they get out of their clothes, take a shower and get some real sleep in their comfy beds.

There are also those who are meeting the drivers of the bus to collect parcels of one thing or the other sent from the capital. These ones have various looks on their faces that indicates that they know what is in the parcel or whether they don’t know. Sometimes money changes hands and you see smiles.

Well, very soon all the passengers are gone and left with the loading boys who take the out the load sent to people to be received from the office later. 

If you’re reading this know that no matter who you are you will be one of these people every time you travel. Safe journey and welcome wherever you go. Ghana is beautiful and the people are very hospitable. Make the best of it..

OK time to go check on my bus. Whilst others are coming some of us are leaving and the cycle of life continues.

Goodbye Wa till later..



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