Presidential Buses

So something pretty interesting happened on my way back from the basketball court this evening and it really gave me a sense of the kinda society we live in.

In the changing faces of transport in Tamale now, the preferred and most popular choice  of transport for the indigenes who live am reside in Tamale and its surrounding areas is either the “mahama kambuu” aka “yellow yellow” mainly for general commuters and for the commercial purposes the “motor king” which sometimes conveys not only goods but also the market women from the outskirts of Tamale into the metropolis itself.

Now all of a sudden te arrival of the fully air-conditioned presidential branded buses and even though they’re sparse and so far I’ve seen only four running the four main Tamale routes, the indigenes will not miss a chance for a ride in it especially when we’re in the heat season (36 degrees average) and it feels like a portal to hell has been opened somewhere in this town.

This evening the women had already piled themselves into a motorking ready to move when one of these branded buses almost empty just parked in front of them.  Come and see screaming and rushing for the driver to stop so they get onto the bus instead.  According to them the presidential ride was there to get them to their destination.

How they disembark jumping down from the motorking, for women, is another story on its own.

So you can sit in the capital and do your politics and talk all you want but to these local people, they’re riding in a presidential bus that takes them home after a hard day’s work.

After all all the former presidents have their photos on the bus too..



2 Responses to “Presidential Buses”

  1. “Country broke or country no broke, we dey inside”
    The people are enjoying their money

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