Comedy Weekend

Sometimes it is very important to take things easy and relax from the busy schedules and the daily routines of daily life. Based on how Ghana living has become so fast paced everywhere in the country, there is the need to find an outlet for all the stress and hustle we go through daily. Most Ghanaian residents therefore use weekends to rest and attend social events such as birthdays, weddings, funerals, outdoorings etc because thats usually a welcome relief from the monotonous routine of daily life.

But what if this also becomes monotonous and boring then people further need to find other outlets. It is these outlets that the entertainment industry in Ghana provides. Musical concerts, live shows, movie premieres, food festivals, and just general meet ups all fall under this category and sometimes they prove more fun than the usual hangouts at social gatherings during weekends.

Over the years I’ve made it a point of making sure that in every month I’d attend one such show so I’m kept in the loop. This also falls in tandem with my resolute resolve to spend a weekend in every other month traveling to see a part of Ghana that I’m yet to see.

So this past weekend two of my passions unified when I had to travel to Kumasi to see the Pure Comedy show organized by SwitchLine productions which featured Ghanaian comedians like DKB, Foster Romanus, Empress Jacinta, Khemical, OB and others, with David Aglah as emcee.

With an array of comedians like this I find it pretty interesting that some Ghanaians say there are no comedy acts in Ghana and personally I think such people should rather check their sense of humor.

Patrons were served with jokes from everyday events and situations, entertainment and current fashion,  women and relationship issues, the political cacophony of an election year but the most jokes featured on the “angelic” and transformational abilities of Bishop Obinim. Almost every comedian took a crack at him and it worked.

Comedians had us laughing so hard some people ended up literally rolling on the floor. It was such a good night and worth the trip.

Being a social media freak too has its benefits cos met online friends for the first time at the event and it also became partly a social hangout obviously with lots of groupfies.

The amazing thing about social media is that it keeps you in the loop and one friend had a birthday party that was to span the whole weekend so after the comedy event, just switched into party mode. Itinerary for the party included seeing the movie premiere of the latest Ghanaian movie Amakye and Dede at one of the conference halls of KNUST.

it was a crowded space when the five of us got there and movie was billed to show 3 times (5pm, 7pm, 9pm) but organizers had to add 11pm cos of the crowds.  Being a hot movie tickets were selling at the gate at inflated prices with even security detail selling tickets or acting as middlemen (event organizers really need to check this in Ghana).

We managed to get in and the hall was crowded with people standing but boys just walked straight to the front of the screen and sat right there on the floor with the justification that after all when we watch movies at home don’t we sit on the floor. Lol

The movie is great with a beautiful story line and production quality pretty good. Actors and actresses acquitted themselves pretty well and it is a successful blend of those who act in Accra and some of those in  kumahood. Very hilarious at some points.

Having to laugh two days in a row is a blessing especially considering how much people in other places spend to be entertained. The cathartic effect of just enjoying these shows whilst meeting and making new friends is priceless.

Ghanaians need to find outlets for their pent up emotions and take time off their busy schedules to relax and just enjoy life. You see obituaries lately and many young people are dying and the life expectancy just keeps dropping. The human body needs to be content and loose at the same time and it’s not only exercise that will help but the feeling of a general well being.

However for a person to achieve a general well-being it takes a conscious effort to want to live right and live free. It’s a personal decision.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!


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