Oseikrom Conversations

It’s always interesting conversations with all sorts of people when I’m in Kumasi. Granted the best place to hear the latest gossip is riding the trotro or in a taxi with the taxi driver.

So on this morning when Johnny Depp is in the news for wife battery I’m taking an adventure trip with the cutest missy  Abena Peprah doing a “Yewo Krom Adventures”, had this interesting conversation with a taxi driver on the state of social development in Ghana especially Ksi:

On taking a bypass

Me:  Oh nice! So they made a bypass to the cultural centre so you can avoid all the Kejetia traffic.

Taxi Driver:  Apuu! Which bypass? They just blocked te road and you don’t know what they’re doing there. As for this government it is the only one we wont understand ever. They keep increasing petrol when prices are down, looks like government officials are just greedy and chopping government money nyafu nyafu.

Me: But pro government people say they’re doing well oh. They got a green book outlining projects and are even doing adverts to show their achievements..

Taxi Driver: Apuu! As for that Mahama even urinal if he gets he’d cut the tape (literal translation), taking over jobs of even assembly men.  Wonder if we even have a vice president and what does he do everyday?

Me: (trying to move away from the politics) so you mean you don’t like this bypass? But I think its very necessary.

Taxi Driver: Oh nonsense! Boss, is it tarred? Yet they take money and you wonder whose pockets the money is going into. You’ll see them when we get ahead taking one Ghana from every car that passes here like a toll and still nothing

Me: Oh really?

Taxi Driver: Boss! See here. They’ve blocked the road and taking money yet nothing. As for this our mayor and his party they’re doing it too much and too blatantly. He’s outlined two projects and when they mentioned the cost you wonder if they take us for fools.

There was a siren in Adum near the post office that he says he wants to replace and the total cost of the project is 8 billion old Ghana cedis. Why? When the siren sounds is it going to sound for the whole Ghana to hear or just Kumasi here.

Me: Oh wow! That much?

Taxi Driver:  you think thats small he says he’s gonna refurbish the Prempeh Hall, thats just do some new external body works and the total cost is over 15 billion.
Masa why? Do we wash our faces upwards.
It is all a money grabbing venture..

Me: Hmmm

Taxi Driver: (going back to politics) And as for our president they say he’s a good communicator but how can he say that as for us Kumasi people even if he paves our streets with gold we wont ever be pleased with him. And he says Ghanaians have short memories so we’ll vote for him again. Indeed he’s a dead goat. How could he  say that?

Me:  (uncomfortable about the politics) So lets wait and see at the end of this year what happens..

Then we got off to go see the other symbol of Asante unity,  the buried sword of Komfo Anokye.

(Oh! The taxi driver mentioned that the mayor wants to glass it for 4 billion cedis)

The rest of the conversation is more social and I’d feel uncomfortable transcribing it here..



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