Flooding and Spillage

Indeed the rains have set in again in the month of June and unfortunate events have started unfolding with the rains as they do every year. Last year the filling station disaster was the highlight when people lost their lives in the fire explosion at circle (may their souls rest in peace) and this year the only thing government could do was commemorate the first anniversary of their passing.

Did we really learn anything from the incident!?

Ghana is the only place I know who replaces one disaster for another. This year at Mampong Ashanti several people were buried as victims of a gas  explosion and the burial was an event done side by side with the commemorate of the June 3 victims.

Sad and pathetic.

So earlier I asked what lessons we have learnt from these incidents. It is not like we haven’t had precedents but year in year out the same incidents keep recurring and we just sit back and look on.

I remember a site engineer or whatever was fired on the spot at a press conference for one such incident but then whoever his replacement was, what new thing  has he brought to the position?

In a city gutted with filth choking the drainage even where they exist, what is the guarantee that the water will flow in gutters and find outlets. Water will always create its own path if you haven’t planned a path for it and when it becomes stagnant it does so in huge volumes.

Furthermore Accra being a low lying area it is always likely that parts of the city will experience heavy flooding and this becomes sad because vehicular movement and traffic is disrupted for hours end until the rain stops. So two hours of rain can cause a standstill of more than its equivalent hours of rain with its attendant worries of creating homeless people and people who have displaced by the rains through experiencing rain water in their homes or offices.

Oh! And what about those casual workers who sleep in the streets.  Rain for two hours in Accra especially at night and that means displacement for almost a million slum and street dwellers.

What about the lessons learnt? Some of us shrug our shoulders and place the blame directly on government but then the question I ask is who are the  constituents of government? Yes our gutters are choked, yes our drains don’t have covers and yes our attitudes to our environment is very bad. Do we really need any institution to regulate our attitudes? Who creates the filth that pollutes the environment and chokes the gutters and who are those that build on the waterways where the waters are supposed to flow freely. The government officials who take cuts and cut corners for favor why do they do that and to what end. Do they really have the interests of the people at heart? Very poignant questions but who is brave enough to answer them.

Our political leaders are busy canvassing for votes and every year the supposedly best mayor in the world is reminded that when the gods decide to take a piss, he needs to provide a chamber pot.

Meanwhile some of the dams are getting full and thus spillages have to occur so that dams don’t burst and this also got its attendant repercussions to communities living downstream of the dams. People are still building in such areas as if they don’t know the consequences or they expect that spillage wont happen.. Attitudes indeed!

The promises are too many and in an election year there will be a litany of them. It is high time Ghanaian folk realized that we cant really depend on the political leaders for  micro development but only on ourselves and each other. It is therefore important to form cooperatives and also to renew our mental development and change our attitudes. Let’s be concerned about our environment and not think that it is another person’s responsibility.

Accra is flooding every year but the main cause is not the government but ourselves. It is time to act now to forestall further disaster.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!


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