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She sent me a letter soon after we met at BarCamp Tamale:

Hello Kola,

I’m Mabel the lady who met you at barcamp tamale and spoke to you about her books for change project.I haven’t been able to call you because I didn’t pick your number but thanks to social media at least I can connect with you on Facebook. I haven’t been able to come to terms to believe that I’m about to achieve my goal of giving out books to children and teaching them how to read as well after you pledged to support me.

Many are the people I spoke to and all I was told was “it’s a nice initiative”. Others will just go by saying “try sending your proposals to organizations for sponsorship because you can’t do this by individual support.

But I believed I was going to meet people like you who will be willing to help because you know the value of reading especially at early stages. My joy knows no bounds as I wake up everyday knowing that am gradually getting there.

Thanks for the smile you’ve kept on my face from 30th July till know,am just imagining the smiles that will be beaming from the faces of those children we’ll be giving these books out to in the upper east.

Thanks for showing support to the first project of future for Africa.

Thank you Kola Nut.

If the passion to get children to read and for this project to succeed does not seep through these few words then you might be more hardheaded than me.

After several weeks we stayed in touch ironing out a few details and a few days ago we met up and I could feel the passion in her voice. She’s raising 1000 books to be distributed to some deprived schools she has identified in the regions up north.

The #iBelieveInReading thanks to the benevolence and support of individuals pledged to provide a third of the total number of books required and so after the short meeting she went ahead to select 300 children’s books from our books in stock for her project.

We are not giving up on this cause and one project at a time we will get the Ghanaian child to read because we will always believe that a reading child is a leading adult.

Thank you for being there for us always.

Identify a cause by you and commit to support.

Like i always say it begins with YOU!




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