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M.anifest – NoWhere COOL Album Review

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AcHaaB_dAn GH


1. No Where Cool
|I’ve sacrificed my personal life to be creative to get the music right. This album don’t make me happy and rich, I would gladly hang up the Mic.|
Being the first song comes with a funny intro stemming from a conversation between a caller and journalist. She asks; “Tell us why you are demonstrating“. Male caller replies; “Please the network is not good so can we speak twi?” Then a pure African groove gets in setting the pace for the rapper’s constructive flow. The song has it’s central message on how no place is convenient. It calls on listeners to accept the real plight of present dwellings and being happy in spite of the hot temperatures of the present. In here, M.anifest known in recent times to be the #godMC collaborates with the soulful songstress, Cina Soul and Dark Suburb

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Bananas And Groundnuts

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Dear Nii Kpakpo, it has been so long since i wrote you a letter but some events as usual have precipitated me write yet another missive. we have been well here and as you know being an election yea…

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