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Change Has Come

Posted in Uncategorized on January 9, 2017 by kola


I have never been so proud of being Ghanaian as I have been these past few months in the round up to the presidential and parliamentary elections. There was a huge clamor for peace from every angle and this peace call involved people from all walks of life and various stakeholders. There were peace shows in various forms especially with music, people ate for peace at food bazaars and various mini functions all over the country.

Inasmuch as the body mandated for civic education was doing its bit on educating Ghanaians on the voting process it was up to Ghanaians ourselves to educate each other and support each other in the voting systems and the aftermath. Thankfully it all went well.

The election process itself was calm and very smooth with the security forces deploying personnel all over the country and I’ve got to comment the Electoral Commission too for an election well-handled even though they took a lot of criticism and with a new commissioner, all eyes were on the outfit to perform for which it acquitted itself well.

Ghana elected a new leader and voted out the ruling NDC government to be replaced by the opposition NPP. It was evident that Ghanaians were just tired of the ineptitude and inconsistency of the ruling government and wanted a change even though the then ruling government provided a lot of visible infrastructure.

But indeed it is well that the election affected the yuletide holiday celebrations and even though there was an obvious calm in the system, people had the anticipation waiting for the handing over ceremony on January 7 which went down pretty well without incident.

At the inaugural ceremony of the new president, looking traditionally elegant in his customized kente cloth, he emphasized that the change that we are looking forward to depends on us as individuals and until we each put our shoulders to the till this nation that belongs to all of us will still wallow in the doldrums of poverty that we find ourselves in. “we have no excuse to be poor”, he stressed.

The new president has a huge responsibility to see to it that Ghana gets better and for this daunting task he indeed needs every person who is a Ghanaian devoid of party colours, dual race or citizenship and even gender, to pitch in to make Ghana a nation worth being proud of in every aspect.

Change has indeed come.

Indeed like I always say it begins with YOU!