GadaMedikal Nation 

The “Vagimas” have come and gone and as usual couldn’t just slide by with its quirks, pips and controversies. Inasmuch as I’d like to delve into the controversies first let me just mention that the event has never gone by without Ghanaians having a swell time whether positive or negative.

In a social media frenzy society it is obvious that whilst people’s eyes picked through the event with a fine tooth comb, their fingers will be busy with their internet access gadgets. It’s therefore not surprising that one can log on to any social media site Twitter, Facebook or Instagram being the most popular, and get a blow by blow account of the event as it unfolded. 

Furthermore following the right people can be a plus because it is only then that you enjoy a plethora of statuses with regards to the event being a healthy potpourri of sarcasm, funny quips, snide remarks and as is with social media, just plain “trolling” of persons at the event. One could end up going through a whole range of mood swings and emotions even more than either a woman at that time of the month or even a pregnant woman.  (Feminists leave me alone 😂) 

From the very beginning of  the show it was obvious that there was going to be a twist to this particular event. The red carpet was a stage and interestingly the hostess was bedecked in a flowing and trailing flaming red dress that could easily have been the red carpet. The people she in particular interviewed was a group of people, especially the ladies, with an interesting mix of fashion sense. It was so easy to recognize the four Spy Girls and other intresting cartoon action figures. 

As for her co host The Tailor, well it was the anniversary of his staged marriage proposal to his Big Brother wife and who can fault him showing her off that after two years they are still married. 

Fancy a northern artiste upstaging a southern based artiste at this particular event and the hullabaloo it has created. For some of us it’s not really the upstage but the question as to why of all the categories that Medikal was nominated the one Gadam took from him is the only one causing waves. 

I’ve been telling whoever will want to hear that the regions up north have their own music and film industry and some of the artistes up here have been able to go national in the main stream and once they get that far they’re international with bookings all over Europe all year round. Need I mention  Sherifa Gunu, Samini, King Ayisoba, Atongo Simba, Mohammed, Surina Issa, Wiyaala and a host of others. These are northern artistes mostly based up north and notice I didn’t mention VIP or Mugeez of northern origin. 

It is true that people up north love southern music and northern artistes have been fond of using southern “covers” with northern lyrics. I’d say this is them breaking their teeth. However the new crop of northern artistes have realized that with the right blend of authentic northern beats, mixed by quality trained engineers of northern origin, there could be a blend of northern music that is parallel to music from any part of the world. And yes! I applaud the ability to get this epiphany and the talent to explore it and make it work. If you don’t believe it just listen to Wiyaala’s latest album and inasmuch such am album wont win awards in Ghana, just as the albums of the Fokn Bois, the music will go beyond the shores of Ghana and not be stuck in some medical ward of Ghanaian underground music waiting to go to theatre. 
The new crop of northern artistes are not only talented but realize that they need management too of industry players to guide them in their activities. Thus in recent times we’re seeing more collaborations with southern artistes and even double concert bookings and this is geared towards putting them in the limelight. We now have artistes with fans not only based in the north but also to please the fan base in the south they highlight their own concerts. Fancy a northern artiste performing at the National Theatre and filling the place up. 

The television shows and cable networks are mostly in the south and as such when a southern artiste gets popular he’s interviewed on several shows depending on his manager capitalizing on his popularity. Northern artistes don’t have that privilege but still manage to break through courtesy of their fans. Sitting in a taxi right now and looks like the radio station is having a Fancy afternoon and everybody is singing. At the night clubs in Wa, Bolga and Tamale any time a Fancy Gadam music is played you know that’s when you can grab a gal and dance away to the tunes from the speakers. 

For those pundits who are creating that noise about Best New Artiste category it is important for them to realize that Accra is not Ghana and if even they used popularity to determine who takes that title Medikal would be nowhere near Fancy Gadam. Both artistes are talented guaranteed but those granting the awards deemed Fancy to win and oh! Check who had more votes. Northerners came out to support en masse.

Ghana is bigger than Accra and Kumasi and we shouldnt be deluded that being popular in the south means you’re popular up north too. If there is a lesson learnt from this particular edition of “vagimas” that will surely be it. 

One last thing as shared by my friend and pseudo bodyguard, Jacob Yawson in a round table discussion with Godwin Agoligi at The Observatory during lunch,  why can’t we just theme the awards night so we can at least create a cultural and tourist agenda with the awards. Let us showcase our rich culture and unity of purpose in diversity when we let our designers create clothes with African prints instead of the mimicry of caricatures of fishes,  animals and other things including cartoon characters that we find on our non existent red carpet. 

So that when you’re asked what are you wearing you not only mention the name of the designer but also the type of cloth and educate us on the name of the cloth. So for example at the next themed event Medikal would’ve hardened up and will be in a Woodin caftan called Enfamihu designed by Debby Couture when asked “what are you wearing?” 

Indeed this particular edition of “vagimas” will go a long way of creating trends. Joe Mettle won the Best Artiste (auto correct spelling Best Baptist 😂) and I love what one of the artistes said when asked if truly he deserved it and honestly I’d repeat it any day to anybody who thinks Fancy Gadam shouldn’t have won Best New Artist. He said ” if you want to know who the artiste is, just go out there and buy an album!” Simple words but very loaded. 

The critics and pundits will always be there to criticize and everybody takes home one thing or another from such shows. Whatever you took away I hope it helps you to be a citizen and not just a participant. Making a change in your own corner is not a corporate action but like I always say it begins with YOU! 

for more insight into northern music and film who better to guide you through than the Ghana Film Institute valedictorian of his graduating class Rabiu Fishbone who’s also a producer of a northern music show on the only northern television station NTV on Multi Tv. His blog is

And oh! If you still got problems after all this insight then I’ sure it’s not too risky to settle down to a Sister Debbie cuisine breakfast of One Kalypo and Two biscuits.. 😂


One Response to “GadaMedikal Nation ”

  1. Oh my goodness! you just nailed this for me.
    I will not comment much on the awards. However, the red carpet! My God! It has become something else. We just copy and copy really badly! I”m sure the cartoon characters were wondering; “are these people trying to copy us?”

    But this will not stop. And who says, they would want to dress Ghanaian and educate anyone? No way. Western is always good and they would want to associate.

    Cheers mate!

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