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The Ghana Police and You

Posted in Uncategorized on January 23, 2018 by kola

In this furore about the attack on a police station at Kwabenya resulting in the untimely demise of a member of the police force, lemme also share a personal experience.

International colleagues of my wife had hired a Chevy minivan from Tamale to Accra so they could enjoy a road trip back into the capital before heading to Kotoka to board a flight out. The car was pretty new and shiny and it was that time when robbers were snatching cars and using them for nefarious activities.

The driver wanted to see some relatives of his who lived in Oyarifa so he picked me up from Orgle road at Bubuashie and we decided to use the Gimpa route to avoid the early evening traffic on the N1 through to the mall and further on the highway from Gulf House to Madina. The chosen route will take at through Achimota to Gimpa to Wetlands then Botanical Gardens through Agbogba to Riis junction and off to Oyarifa.

At one point after we had set off I realized that another Chevy of the same make as ours started following us but this one wasn’t registered and also had tinted windows like ours making it impossible to see the occupants. Being suspicious I told the driver to take some pretty unknown routes that I knew were usually loops within Achimota and still the van was on our tail. This confirmed my suspicion that whoever was in that van was up to no good and I could only pray that we could outwit them.

The first thought was to just out drive them but my driver didn’t know Accra too well and the next option that occurred to me was to park at the nearest police station and see if they follow but which police station.

Just after the Botanical Gardens turn things got pretty interesting when they realized the road was less busy and now they tried to get us to stop. It became like a race their van trying to get in front of ours and getting us to stop and other road users didn’t realize what was going on. Not that they could help.

Then I remembered that there was a police post at the Agbogba junction leading to Riis and I told the driver that if we could only get there and park we would be safe. With a new determination the man was bent on getting there whilst the other van was also bent on getting us to stop.

A few meters to the turn my driver sped up and slowed down abruptly and turned at the junction and just stopped right in front of the police station. We got out of the car and run into the police station.

Then the occupants of the other car, about four men dressed in all black clothes also parked right behind our car and also run in after us. It was when one of them shouted in twi, to wit that “hey! It’s a police station” that they all scurried back into their van and with a screeching of tires fled the scene.

There were 3 policemen in the station when we run in and they were just befuddled at what had just happened. None of them had reacted defensively but as human as they were, their first instinct was to run for cover.

The whole thing lasted under a minute and as one of them described it “it felt like a movie scene.”

Now imagine if these guys were armed and still determined to grab us what kinda story will I be telling today.

Our police needs to be better prepared for situations like this and they have to regain the trust of the citizenry to be able to protect us against the ills in society and not be the ones perpetrating those ills themselves as we hear incidents of some policemen involved in criminal activities.

The Kwabenya incident is unfortunate but let’s use it as a watershed for better cooperation between the police and citizens..

It begins with YOU!