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Capital Callousness

Posted in Uncategorized on May 18, 2018 by kola

Today we lost a vibrant young man to death through what can best be described as the callousness of his neighbor. A promising young life was snuffed out because of a single callous action.

Why would you put on the electricity on your fence wall when your neighbor is on the pole with an aluminium ladder against your wall in broad daylight.

What is the capital turning into?

Okay so yesterday on my bus heading into Accra from Tamale I bought lollipop for every child on the bus, as per personal tradition, and I had two left in my pocket today.

Whilst riding the trotro this cute child on her mama’s back wont stop staring at me so we were making faces at each other and laughing.

Then I remembered I have lollipop in my pocket so I took one out and instead of giving directly to child tapped mother on shoulder and said oh lovely child give this to her..

Chale! Mother almost jumped out of her skin and almost on the verge of insult but I think she saw I was married and just put lollipop in per bag.

Then she started there and then to sing Gospel

At this time I was livid so I said excuse me, took her hand and started “father in the name of Jesus I commit this mother and child into yo hand…”

Said a prayer for both of them and sat back. Somehow she was relieved but still tense.

OK my point. This other guy that put on his electric fence what was his motive or was he afraid of being burgled in broad daylight?

The capital has become some way whereby TRUST is pretty much taking away the very humanity we have for each other

Each time I’m in the capital I notice people are becoming more impatient in life than ever before and more frustrated.

What the heck is going on where its even worse amongst Christians than other religions and we rather tend to gravitate to people who pretend to have our interests at heart but really are looking for the best ways to screw you over…

Gradually some of us will just stay where we are welcome and comfy and that for sure ain’t the capital…

Well what do I know..

I’m even too worked up to string my thoughts on straight.

It always begins with YOU!!

Mental Power

Posted in Uncategorized on May 5, 2018 by kola

So this morning in a social group somebody asked if there was any power behind thinking or mental thoughts and how this affected our human psyche. I know too well the power of thinking and thats why I always say the mind is a powerful tool.

Now here is my story of the power of thought and invariably mindset

During a sports festival one time I sprained my ankle and had a tough match two days later. Doctors recommended POP and said couldn’t play that particular match. Recommended complete resting of the leg. No way I could play any sport for at least a month.

When I told coach to reserve my jersey he was not surprised because he knew my mental fortitude when it comes to sports. Once I’d made my mind I’d play I will.

On the day of the game didn’t do anything just limped to training and sat down as the team did drills and was part of the strategy just in case.

Game time and all of a sudden the pain was so unbearable I couldn’t even get outta bed but I had friends carry me to the court after helping me put on my jersey.

There I sat on the team bench wishing I was on the court playing but couldn’t play the first set in the ongoing volleyball match and we lost first two sets in a best of 5 game.

Thats when my mind set in. I now visibly started talking to myself and at a point coach said he saw me walk away and go talk to my aching foot like a person. When he asked if I was ready to play I couldn’t even walk onto the court but had to be carried on to the court. Me and my leg had a conversation right there in front of the crowd of fans..

I told my foot we are gonna defy the doctors and we were gonna do this and have fun winning the game.

My mind was at work.

An hour and half later we won three straight sets and I woke up in the hospital. Apparently I had passed out when the adrenaline rush wore off.

But I learnt an unforgettable lesson to confirm what I have always known..

Once you can think it..
Once you can convince yo self..
Once you know you can do it,
If you put YOUR MIND to it..
Think it..
Conceive it …

It can be done!

It always begins with YOU!!