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Mental health is so important and we need to take charge of our own mental health.

Through my periscope

​I tried not to comment about the trending story of the young girl who committed suicide on her university campus, but i must.

In 2013, i started having difficulty in breathing. I was always gasping for air and for almost a month, my mum thought i was under a spiritual attack (i thought so too). I had gone through a terrible broken heart (silly right). I became conscious of my breathing and i felt the moment i lost count of my breadth I’ll die.

Help!!! Am dying

I even wished for death at the time and i remember I could hear whispers in my ear saying “If you die now, you’ll go to heaven so just die (creepy right)???.

I went to the hospital several times and i did everything from ECG test to heart Xrays etc… At a point I was even said to have an abnormal heart (Whatever…

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