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God’s Grace

Posted in Uncategorized on March 17, 2019 by kola

Dear God,

It is said in your Holy Book that “he who finds a wife finds a good thing..” But indeed my favorite part of that text is the second part, “and obtains favor from God.”

Wow! The Favor of God indeed. I know a lot of folk on earth who spend countless hours in commune with you just so they can achieve a wee bit of favor and here I am all I had to do was find a good wife.

Dear God that is why I left that task for you to do it yourself believing that the plans you have for my life are of good and not for evil and that as your creation you will indeed glorify yourself through me and my life. And I wasn’t disappointed. Like always, You came through for me.

God on the day I came to you crying and I said that the world was going bonkers and I don’t think marriage was for me you assured me that Your Grace was sufficient for me so imagine my awe amd later my confounded admiration when I walked into class and your angel that came to ask me about the novel I was reading was called Grace. I looked up at her and the sun shining behind her was like a halo 😇 and I had to squint my eyes at the brightness that till today I don’t know if it was of the sun or of her smile. So bright!

God you assured me that compassion was the key to life and living and in this Grace I met a compassionate match. You really outdid yourself with this one and as the Gas will say “ogboo ji bo”.

Papa God if I’m to recount all the countless blessings that this journey has been, WordPress would have to shut down and I know you don’t want me to bore the readers with how awesome you are because most of them already know and I’m only here to remind them that you’re the I Am That I Am, The Ancient of Days, unchanging and Magnificent.

God, a dozen years ago Your Grace was manifest in my life when by grace, Grace agreed to go with me to your altar so you could sign off your favor to me not because I’d found a good wife but because you’d given me a good grace and personified it.

That your grace has been sufficient for me is an understatement because together with that grace has come favor that can only be from You.

Truth be told from that day my prayer method changed and instead of asking for favor I just tap into the favor and cash out like a cheque.

God! You Do All!

Inasmuch as it hasn’t been easy, knowing you are by our side is strength enough to have hope that you’re still not done with us and that you’ll glorify yourself with our lives. All we can do is just continue to praise you and acknowledge you in our lives and in your own time you’d make all things beautiful.

Dear God take the glory, all the honor and adoration on this occasion of our Twelfth wedding anniversary. The woman you gave me is indeed God sent and I’m very grateful for her graceful nature.

Dear God, thank you for the Double Grace all these years..