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43 ways to live

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Another year has passed by and here I am again to report on how it has been this past year. It hasn’t really been easy but then things haven’t been too difficult either. There have been plenty incidents under the bridge and interestingly the Ghana as we know it remains the same. Accra is still flooding when it rains for two minutes, social media has become even worse than it was making celebrities of people day in and day out, making and breaking up relationships and more than ever being the court of popular appeal in any issues even including personal relationships.

The music scene is still full of the ‘beefs’ we know even escalating to the two most popular zongo boys going at each other with one brandishing a gun at the other. Oh and at the make up conference the jester among them lived up to the billing of ‘kiss and make up’ by kissing the opponent whilst in the middle of a statement. This guy really knows how to work the crowd.

As for that Charterhouse, their matter only God.

Same for the politics and religion. If you know me you know I wont touch these subjects with a long pole neither tie it with a long rope. The practitioners should ‘’go their front’’ as we say in transliteration.

That aside I believe in the past one year I have made headway solidifying some friendships and relationships and I haven’t really let go of many people. I think I have availed myself to more projects and taken leaps of faith believing in people and investing in the youth so they can be good future leaders. Volunteering and mentoring both formal and informal have been fulfilling. The philanthropy with children’s literacy has seen great strides in supporting reading clinics and starting some individual libraries for some children who were identified as social linchpins in their communities. The idea was to identify children who when they are away others feel their absence, children who are the center and life of their peer social group. These children are usually the alpha and when you get them to cultivate the habit of reading, then they can draw the other children to read alongside them by drawing reading programs after school instead of for example just playing soccer every day. Involving the parents has been key in this and so far so good.

Family life has been pretty interesting too getting closer to my nuclear family and my parents have been very supportive in every aspect. Hey when you see my mom anywhere give her a hug for me and when you see my dad shake his hand and congratulate him. The dude and his wife have been married for 45 years and still counting. They are role models to marriage and bicker like the old couple they are but at the end of the day still have time to chat and laugh at each other no matter what. In this lifetime, economy and age they have managed to bring up three giants who went to the best schools, can stand on their own feet and will fit in any society anywhere in the world. That is no mean feat. You guys are the ultimate pacesetters in all aspects of our lives physical, spiritual and social. Kudos to you Reverend and Matron Larbi. You guys rock!

So another milestone passed and as usual it was a solemn moment spent off the pressures of social media as I reflected on life in general and what God keeps doing in my life. It was time to count my blessings and oh boy I did. Spent the whole day with a prayer on my lips giving thanks to Almighty God for His Goodness and His Mercy. His Grace abounds and indeed He is Faithful. In all our stubbornness and unfaithfulness, disobedience and unruly nature God still loves us because He is our Creator. Back on social media the morning after the birthday, I realized how overwhelming the love was.

My family in Tamale have been crazy supportive in various ways and I am grateful to God for them. The Family House as we have nicknamed the central point of meetings has been like a safe house for anybody and with the kind of network The SBG Crew has in Tamale, there hasn’t been a dull moment. This is a group of young men inspiring and pushing each other to greater heights and we wish to see that each one gets to their full potential. It was with this family that my wife planned a hangout to celebrate this new year and being a holiday (coinciding with the Eid Fitir celebration of the Muslims) it was a time to get together and have fun as usual.

All of a sudden there were places I couldn’t go to around the family house and especially I couldn’t open the fridge. Well I did and there was a cake box in it. It really didn’t feel like a birthday celebration to me because it is an everyday occurrence where on a holiday we all gather at the family house and just hangout. It was after the meal of banku and pepper and the usual assorted meats, sometimes exotic meats, that the table was set and then the champagnes and the wines started coming out of their hiding places. I just sat there and looked on and wondered what was going on. Apparently this get together had been planned to celebrate my birthday.

The planning at been easy to do because every birthday I have gone off social media and so they didn’t have to hide to plan it. It had all been done in plain sight and when I signed back on to social media I had too many messages to catch up on that I had missed the invitation. It was a pretty good time and also a historic milestone.

This was the very first cake I was getting to have alone and all to myself, pardon the tautology, but it serves to show the gravity of the situation.

Let me explain. All the time growing up since I have been celebrating my birthday with my brother we have had to share cakes and whatever was provided. Even at my 40 birthday party we shared the whole party with his friends and my friends, and plenty mutual friends, coming together to enjoy the day. This time for once I had a whole birthday cake to myself and somehow I found myself wishing that he was around to share it with me. Well what are brothers for.

However thanks to all my friends who wished me ‘’age with Grace’’ some of you really had no idea the implication of that blessings because you don’t know that my wife’s name is Grace and since she got me the cake I got the cake by Grace. Ha ha ha..

It has been a spectacular year and I hope that the next year proves better and I get to be a better man and achieve more than I have now. My special wish is to make everyone around me happy and better equipped to face this challenging world. This is from a humble me saying thank you and let’s make this world a better place together.

Like i always say

It begins with YOU!!