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Major Milestone

Posted in Uncategorized on February 22, 2020 by kola

Our forefathers were so wise when they chose words in our various languages..

Anyemi in Ga rhymes with aanyuonyam which in both Ga and Akan mean to glorify.. A friend is one that glorifies another

Then there is onua in Akan which tonally also means to cook.

You’re not only a good friend and brother but you cook too and as for the testimonials we don’t go there..

A loyal friend and dependable brother, counsellor and advisor with a douche of idiocy

A potent potpourri of niceness evidenced by the daily likes and comments on your Facebook posts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Today and everyday we celebrate you and pray that as you sharpen others, may you be like the polished diamond that cuts through glass and decorates other metals.

Now let me not get into trying to explain the words obroni or ofri that has been referred to you sometimes even jocularly lest somebody ask me ofri hi (where is he from) to which I will answer oyΙ› nkrani (he’s a Ga) which loosely translates to nkran meaning ant.

But the Bible even says when you want to be wise look to the ant and oh please that will make you a wise one and me and you both know how we feel about that one.

So let’s not even start at all with the ofri. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Chale Major Nii Ofri Tawiah πŸ˜›πŸ˜, cheers to greater works and God Bless You..

Hear Hear!!!

Proudest Moment

Posted in Uncategorized on February 10, 2020 by kola

Just recently I asked a question on a WhatsApp page when a topic was needed for discussion for the insomnia wing of that particular WhatsApp group.

In a bid to make conversation I thought it will be prudent for us to discuss our proudest moments as individuals.

Why did I choose such a topic? I really thought that talking about proudest moments could be inspiring because we understandably come from different situations and backgrounds in life and to discuss what one goes through to have reached that proud moment could be inspiring to other people.

But believe it or not after almost half an hour of putting out the discussion topic, even me I couldn’t find any one moment that i could put my finger on and say that was my crowning moment.

This sent me into a spiral to find out why.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had several moments and trying to think of one that stands out, is such a daunting task.

When u grow up as a nerd there is little u cant put your mind to, because reading affords you the luxury of a world of achievement and you realize you are nowhere near to being proud of achievements…

Furthermore being from a Christian home means that if nothing at all you know the Bible says pride comes before a fall and that in mind alone doesn’t allow for bigotry of any kind.

But in these few moments of reflection I’ve come to realize that the moments I was really proud of, that I wanted to share unabashedly, were moments not about myself but moments when an act of selflessness led to a certain result..

There are several of those..

Like when I fed a little boy breakfast of waakye and gave him 3gh (out of my last 5gh) to pay for his exam fee and weeks later a little boy and his mother accost me in the street and start thanking me for a forgotten act.

Like when I carried a ‘ghana_ must_ go’ bag full of books on the afternoon of my birthday to distribute randomly to school children heading home from school and one child just sits in the middle of the hardly used road to finish reading and chase me up for another book.

Like when I attended the engagement of a young woman I had taught and basically brought up, who didn’t know she was royal and she was bedecked in all her traditional regalia with her “aunties” present. And she waves at you, smiling and calls you daddy even when her biological dad I within hear shot.

The greatest of all is when ‘a son’ called me to a meeting in faraway Tamale and goes like “Daddy I got a job with a multinational Γ±on governmental organization and given a choice to choose my station, I chose Tamale because you’re here”..

These words brought tears to my eyes.

All I’m saying, especially to those who can relate, true happiness and pride comes from acts we do unto others.

Whenever we go out of our way to make the world a better place, the universe rewards us with good fortune and takes care of us in unique ways we can’t fathom.

I keep reiterating to anyone who’d listen that I live for the God Bless Yous and that is what keeps me going.

In fact to make the changes in the world we have to be the change and brighten whatever corner we find ourselves in.

Indeed it begins with YOU …