Corona Nsɛm

So I woke up this morning in the wake of the news of the arrest in the capital of the COVID positive Guinean woman who escaped quarantine from Tamale.

Honestly I shudder to think of her journey to Accra and I console myself that being Guinean she must have a witch’s broomstick because the implicit implications otherwise send shivers down my spine. Who helped her?

Well, I however would like you to know that in Tamale we are not playing with the disease. Our rural folk might not have heard about it but organizations have translated education materials into local languages and been broadcasting it also via community meetings to the rural folk. Thank God that these people have immune systems of an ox due to their local diets.

In order to keep the children a bit occupied during their time at home, me and Jennifer have also given children’s books out and several organizations are providing learning resources for education to students currently at home. Others are providing food for the homeless.

The assembly has put washing bowls on every street in Tamale Central and every shop has sanitizers held out ready and what I love is the people are ready to share theirs with you so we all keep safe.

My coup de grace was getting to my barber’s and he meets each customer outside himself with rubbing alcohol in hand. 😂😂

In the evenings there are groups of youth and elders sitting in street corners and drinking hot ginger and lemon and you are invited to join them in their discussions on what is trending in the society. This is where people pass on info about the disease and debunk any untruths that are myriad on social media in these times.

Inasmuch as we are not on lockdown in Tamale, most people are staying at home and boosting our immune systems but i must admit we have to work on our social distancing a bit more.

Thankfully the spike in cases that got us on the map are not local cases and the suspected local cases have all proven negative so far. Let’s pray it remains like that in the next two weeks.

If you are down south and worried about us thank you but we are fine. Just pray for us all and by God we will survive the one too .

Well, Afia Larbi is preparing jollof and I better go help out or that my twinny can decide she won’t gimme some and I’d resort to having to eat some whilst she’s sleeping.

Stay blessed and stay safe people.

We shall survive this.

It begins with YOU!

God bless us all .


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