Children wahala

So this little usually quiet girl in my compound woke up this morning with an attack of the speakeasy: from the moment she finished brushing her teeth, it was all English.

Her mom is cooking breakfast and the little girl goes into a tirade about an event that happened in school and how she misses it etc etc.

Mom, a petty trader and housewife looks at her and says “wu bɛ ka brofo ɛndɛ a diɛ ko wu papa hɔ” (if you will speak English today then go to your dad).

Dad, a security man, is inside and hears what
mom said and asks “na mi diɛ min yɛ diɛn” (but me what should I do?) and calls out to his daughter “Ekua! Come here.” They then get into a conversation about what is going on in town.

Ekua: Daddy why are they saying on radio that town is empty?

Daddy: Today they are spraying the market and town and nobody is to open shops today. I went out and I met soldiers and they were wild.

Ekua: so daddy did they beat you. I hear the soldiers are beating people plenty in town.

Daddy: No I just turned back and rode my bicycle back home. Ekua where are your books you brought from school. Come and take and read.

Ekua: but daddy…

Daddy: Ekua I said come and take the book and read. Read any one at all..

Looks my direction as if to say these children must go back to school soonest. 😂😂

All these while mummy has finished cooking, dishes the meals and goes inside to take a mat and come and lie in the shade outside..

It’s 35degrees in the shade so you appreciate the small breeze circulating.

She too some akomfem chicks are passing and making plenty noise so she throws stones at them so they can just go away.

As for me, lemme continue drying my things. Today is for washing and I’m sure Afia Larbi is wondering where I am hiding to type this true story..

Meanwhile please stay home and stay safe.

Eat and sleep.

Read a book or two.

It begins with YOU!


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