Kotoko Run: A COVID Dream Series

So here I was, minding my business and walking past some street corner ‘then sneeze catch me’. Typical of me I do a loud ‘ahchieɛɛn’ and proceed to just blow ma nose into the wind like that before taking out my hanky to wipe off the remnants of phlegm hanging around my nose.

It is after I sneeze a second time and I’m searching in my pockets for my sanitizer, that I realize what times we are in and the people sitting at the street corner call the attention of the soldiers and white suit guys, some with spray cans at their backs (fumigators), to me. 👃👃

Kwɛɛ! Dɛm go catch me so I start to run. From the corner of my eye I run past what a staircase and I see either a hedgehog or a porcupine going up the stairs and couldn’t help thinking ‘hey Kotoko is climbing the stairs’ 😂(guess I run past the stadium) and soon I get cornered. 🏃🏃

All of a sudden I hear a voice shout at me, wash your hands! Come on! Wash your hands but where can I wash my hands? The soldiers and white suited guys are closing in on me, some.with electric prods. 👋👋

Eish! This is no matrix movie. I’m stuck and resign to my fate..🙅🙅

All of a sudden I remember I have to buy fante kenkey for Afia Larbi and that’s when I wake up.

Heh! Lemme go find my mask and wear and go get her the kenkey before she gets home..

But chale people STAY SAFE!
Wash your hands regularly..


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