July 2020

Indeed the month of July of this particular year 2020 will go down in my memory as one of the worst months. As if it wasn’t enough that the year itself has been one heck of a rollercoaster, the month of July had capped it with misfortunes and sadness.

I cant even begin to type some of the events but will dwell on the highlights and the ones that shook me the most. Obviously topping the list will be the untimely demise of my friend and brother Sena Dey. Even the way we found out that he had passed was a contributory factor to our grief. The man was supposed to visit up north and we had been trying to call him that morning to confirm travel plans since the time was due for his visit up north. The time was especially due too because it was a time for him to relax away from the life of the capital.

Whoever thought Eddy was gonna leave us so soon. As my girl with the red hair aptly put it ‘we believed he would live forever’ and she is right. This is a dude who was so full of life and selflessly checking on every one of us never once complaining. Dude was there for everyone, larger than life and ever smiling. Damn! GOD really knows best and we’d miss him so much. I’m teary eyed just typing this.

Then it was also Miguel, the exotic basketball shoes collector who played basketball and turned his passion, cooking, into a job. Head chef of a tertiary institution and our reunion was such a fancy one. We had gone to attend a couples program and when I walked in to have dinner and who should shout my name but him. We hadn’t seen each other in almost a decade and it was nice catching up with his stories of living abroad and learning how to cook under some of the best chefs in the world. Dude even brought his 18month old daughter to come and meet Uncle Kola and after coaxing her for a while I got to carry her and get her to smile. Miguel died three days before Eddy did and was buried a week after Eddy was buried.

My bosom friend Ojay, my naija brother from another mother. The man I can call any time of the day and he will answer my call and go running. By a twist of fate one of my adopted daughters found herself in a bind in Abachaland and as usual I picked up a phone to call the one person I can always count on to unravel any mysteries in any part of that land. The news he gave me hit me hard like I’ve been slammed down on the mat in a WWE wrestling rumble. He had lost both his grandmas and his mom during the same period and he was in a bind himself. I couldn’t just imagine the grief my friend was in having lost two generations of women in his life with one fell stroke. Ojay hang in there my friend. God indeed knows best.

Indeed the final one even makes me smile and inasmuch as I’m shaken by events in July, my faith in God remains unshaken. So Eddy loved pork and called it swine, so to celebrate his life, I got my pseudo family of his friends to celebrate his life and it wouldn’t have been complete without grilled pork. The closest place to get such a delicacy was another friend of ours, Madam Mavis, who run an eatery. Interestingly we had formed a political pressure group and she was its organizing secretary and I was her unofficial assistant. We made the call if there was pork available and placed our order and we went to collect our order for our party. Getting there we couldn’t see her because we were told she wasn’t well. As a Rotarian, Madam Mavis was popular in rotarian circles haven’t once been a past president of one of the chapters in the capital. I was sitting in the loo one morning when I got the call that Madam Mavis too had passed on. All of a sudden, well I wont type what happened  but it shook me up pretty good.

Anyways the month of July has been one terrible month but it had a couple of good times too. In death we learnt to celebrate life and it is interesting that the month of August that follows right after is a month for celebrating weddings.

Indeed IN ALL THINGS I give thanks to God for the events of this year and I pray that we all stay safe. I know people are wailing and wish that they wake up one morning and the year has reset to Jan 1 2021 but since this is not possible we have to take 2020, the double score year, one day at a time. We will all make it and if you are reading this, say a prayer to God and thank the Almighty for your life.

Let us keep making an impact in this world in the various small ways that we can. Don’t always think what the world can do for you but rather what you can do to make the world a better place. Be the change you want to see especially in this politically charged atmosphere.

Like I always say, it begins with YOU!

Stay safe


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