Ha Ha Ha Show: Covid Edition

It’s been a pretty intriguing year with several ups and downs. We’d all agree that from March since the corona pandemic hit the world, events have gone haywire and the safety protocols have made gatherings almost impossible. Event organizers, travel and tours organizers, hospitality organizers and every other event or activity that involves people gathering have all come to a standstill. For months now the social protocols for safety have been enforced strictly and it’s only now getting to the end of the year that they’re relaxed a bit.

For those of us who have found a way around the protocols but still taking extra precautions, life has been somewhat manageable even with the new normal of wearing masks everywhere, washing hands and sanitizing everything in sight. We are taking precautions but we still have to have our entertainment and even if means we have to be in social gatherings.

The DJ SID Gh and Team organized the Covid Edition of the Ha Ha Ha Show and as usual some of us were skeptical about the event even happening. With the promos out it was obvious that the event will go off as planned and patrons couldn’t wait to see what was in stock. As for the comedy acts, if you’ve followed comedy in Ghana for some time you’d know that it was going to be exciting. Ghana comedy has come a long way with fresh relatable jokes unlike the recycled internet jokes that we kept hearing over and over again.

Billed to perform on the show were the top crop of Ghana’s current comedy acts including Foster Romanus, Headmaster DKB, General Ntetia, Drs Sars and OB (real life doctors practicing stand up comedy 😂), Clemento Suarez amongst others. How the Dj Sid and team managed to get all these acts together under one roof is the mystery of the year. But they all did and it went pretty well with patrons laughing their hearts out and just having a fun filled night of laughs and music.

It was also a night for networking and meeting old friends especially since with the lockdown most people hadn’t come out for such a long time. The venue also provided guests with the tantalizing ‘jarwaakye’ from Rockstone’s Office and yours truly got a taste of what the hype was all about.

Well now that the vaccines for the pandemic is out and several people vaccinated and thus restrictions are pretty relaxed, we really hope to see the next HA HA HA SHOW with a bigger audience and more laughs. Indeed such shows are necessary to destress from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Like the proverbial cliche, a laugh a day keeps the doctor away. The more people laugh over issues, the more the quality of life is improved globally hence making the world a better place one laugh at a time.

Like I always say, it begins with YOU!

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