Dead Dolphins

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It’s been so long since I wrote anything on any of my blogs and it is not because I don’t have content but interestingly my muse seems to have gone on a long break which probably is bad for my popularity and blogging brand. But hey I’m back.

In these past months since I posted anything here, several incidents have caught my attention that should have brought me rushing to this gadget to type my thoughts on these several issues. Notable amongst them has been The Covid Election 2020 as I’ve personally come to call it, the events before and after the election, the kinda apathy Ghana folk showed for this particular election, the riots after, the inauguration, the state of the nation (will definitely come to that) and then finally the election petition and its aftermath. All this didn’t get me writing because after all what was I gonna say that hasn’t been said already and how far has what has been said gone anyways.

During Ghana independence day weekend I decided to take a road trip to a part of Ghana I’d never been and this was a pretty exciting trip. Axim is on the western side of the country and the furthest I’d been was Takoradi. It was on this trip that I got to know that there were actually dolphins in the offshore area of Axim.

It’s pretty interesting to know that I only found this out when I was treated to a sumptuous VIP lunch at the Axim Beach Resort choosing to eat outdoors from the restaurant near the pool and facing the scene of the Atlantic ocean and its horizon. It was whilst I was walking towards the ocean front, with the waves beating loudly on the beach, that I noticed the cameos in the resort swimming pool were of dolphins and it was explained that Axim was also called Dolphin Town. Once in a while there were sightings of dolphins offshore and sometimes they came close to the beach for people to get to see them. Also some fishermen caught one once in a while and it was such a delicacy.

Its been a month since that trip and being back in the Savanna, the global warming has it with temperatures as high as 46 degrees during the day and as low as 19degrees in the wee hours of dawn. I’m mentioning global warming because only a month after the trip to Axim, over 50 adult dolphins have been washed ashore dead and some few alive, at the Axim beach. That’s a lot of dolphins in one day and several explanations have been given for the incident.

The Dolphins were stressed?? 🙅‍♀️🤐🙄photo credit Citi TV

Some others posit that dolphins are pretty delicate animals and that there could have been a seismic shift undersea that could’ve led to their being washed ashore. Its also been rumoured that maybe there was an oil or chemical spill offshore and this had led to the dolphins having to be driven to the shore.

Well all this is in the wind but what’s the importance of this to the inhabitants of Axim. The true state of the nation comes into play here. Citizens and residents go into survival mode. With the dolphins washed to the shore and even into some homes in the fishing communities, residents saw it as a means to an end. Dolphin is a delicacy served on a seafood platter and hitherto pretty expensive. With them being awash , now was the time to cash in even though the cause of their being beached was still unknown especially if it was due to poisoning thus making consumption pretty hazardous.

Inasmuch as the government authorities and agents of agencies warned against consumption of the fish, people still went ahead and have prepared it for consumption and sale on the local market. All of a sudden people went to find loans so they can invest in this business of dolphin sales and when government started clamping down on those preparing the fish for sale, the age old mantra comes up that same government should do something about it and come to the aid of the people because they’ve taken loans for the business and these loans are going to be defaulted if they don’t sell on the market.

Dolphin loans

Indeed at a time when most Ghanaians live from hand to mouth and by “kpakpakpa” doing any odd jobs or businesses that come to mind, it’s pretty sad that the fish should end up on the market in the first place especially when the cause of the incident is not clear. Even if the fish was stressed and died via stress on the beach, what are the effects of a dead stressed dolphin on an already economically, covid 19. social decorum bereft, social media frenzy and political and generally stressed Ghanaian.

Personally, I don’t wanna think far. I hope that those involved do the right thing and this incident does not affect the ecology of the Axim coast. The effects of global warming are real and we each need to mitigate these effects before our very human existence is threatened.

Like I always say, it begins with YOU!

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