Royal Priesthood

So on a visit to a friend, me and twinny had a good time and there were very interesting topics that came up for discussions . We talked about almost everything that came to mind and realized that we had so much to do in this life not just physically but also spiritually. We have been called to do so much yet we have limited ourselves to do so little. “God are watching you..” (in obinim’s voice)

Sleeping that night after a bit of meditation I realized that there was a whole lot of inter connection between the priests of God and us normal believers that we take for granted. (For where I’m going to talk about now it will take people who know these people to understand what I’m driving at).

So there’s the retired solider head pastor at the top, down to earth jovial and affable. His adopted son marries his biological daughter and becomes his boss in the convention by virtue of education. He’s the father of the sons of Adam. He’s brought up, mentored and nurtured many other priests including the converted Muslim prophet and man of God whose story is almost the same as the father of missions who was once a council of state member who happens to the the father in law of the three different priests who marry his daughters. He’s the father of the daughters of Eve.

These men of God are working tirelessly in the vineyard of God and doing exploits and many people are blessed in various ways through their ministry and the impact they create just with their lives of faith.

There is the young pastor in ministry and me, a believer, who put our heads together and realize that God indeed has His own way of doing things in His own time. We are linked to another man of God who’s also a product of a man of God who is gradually casting a niche for himself with monthly seminar and conferences teaching on relationships as men ought to live with God, relationship with nature and relationship with fellow human beings.

The whole conundrum reminds me of the song 🎶”though we are many ,we are one body. We are one body in Christ !” 🎶

In this vineyard of God, it is high time we realize that life is about cooperation to win more souls for Christ and not for competition for who wins the more souls or the richest and most vibrant congregation for God says that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

We are all a royal priesthood called to service. There are different branches to this service and each priest needs to identify their branch and work towards being a diligent and approved workman to work towards The Great Commission.

Dear reader, will you heed the call to work in the fields or you’re still waiting on that white collar job in Heaven.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!

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