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Royal Priesthood

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So on a visit to a friend, me and twinny had a good time and there were very interesting topics that came up for discussions . We talked about almost everything that came to mind and realized that we had so much to do in this life not just physically but also spiritually. We have been called to do so much yet we have limited ourselves to do so little. “God are watching you..” (in obinim’s voice)

Sleeping that night after a bit of meditation I realized that there was a whole lot of inter connection between the priests of God and us normal believers that we take for granted. (For where I’m going to talk about now it will take people who know these people to understand what I’m driving at).

So there’s the retired solider head pastor at the top, down to earth jovial and affable. His adopted son marries his biological daughter and becomes his boss in the convention by virtue of education. He’s the father of the sons of Adam. He’s brought up, mentored and nurtured many other priests including the converted Muslim prophet and man of God whose story is almost the same as the father of missions who was once a council of state member who happens to the the father in law of the three different priests who marry his daughters. He’s the father of the daughters of Eve.

These men of God are working tirelessly in the vineyard of God and doing exploits and many people are blessed in various ways through their ministry and the impact they create just with their lives of faith.

There is the young pastor in ministry and me, a believer, who put our heads together and realize that God indeed has His own way of doing things in His own time. We are linked to another man of God who’s also a product of a man of God who is gradually casting a niche for himself with monthly seminar and conferences teaching on relationships as men ought to live with God, relationship with nature and relationship with fellow human beings.

The whole conundrum reminds me of the song 🎶”though we are many ,we are one body. We are one body in Christ !” 🎶

In this vineyard of God, it is high time we realize that life is about cooperation to win more souls for Christ and not for competition for who wins the more souls or the richest and most vibrant congregation for God says that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

We are all a royal priesthood called to service. There are different branches to this service and each priest needs to identify their branch and work towards being a diligent and approved workman to work towards The Great Commission.

Dear reader, will you heed the call to work in the fields or you’re still waiting on that white collar job in Heaven.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!

Nana’s Story

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So Nana takes them out to the courtyard and they sit down around her. The children keep milling about curious about the visitors who have come to see their aged grandmother. They see people come to the compound every day but this group has people looking all strange and some of them are carrying strange things but most of them seem to be carrying water bottles. Why do they have to be carrying water all around when there is water everywhere, one child asks her aunty as she takes his hand and he is told to shut up.

Nana, after her visitors have sat down asks for her cup to be brought to her. One of the members of the household goes into her room and comes back holding a metallic cup with a handle and Nana requests that it be filled with water for her. Ebow goes into one corner of the compound and fetches water from an earthenware bowl that is covered with a piece of asbestos slate. Ebow smiles at the incredulous looks on the faces of the visitors and explains to them that back in the day this was what rural folk drank from and the water from the earthenware pot that stood in the corner was the coolest water they could ever drink and any of them is open to try it if they are brave enough. They look at each other and shake their heads no. well, it is expected though and he hands the metal cup full of water to Nana who covers it with her hands, says a prayer, takes a sip, then covers it with a piece of cardboard and places it besides her.

She then addresses her audience. You are welcome to the land of our birth and inasmuch as Ebow has told me what brings you here it is still courtesy to ask why you are here so you have to appoint a linguist amongst you to tell us your mission here. Ebo is now my linguist and as such you have to find your own.

Dredd gets up to address Nana and tells her their mission and why they have travelled all this way. (here you can recount what the whole journey is about or just paraphrase it)

Ebow relates to Nana what Dredd has said and Nana insists that Ebow tell the group that they have just learnt a very important tradition in Africa that we just don’t jump into issues but we exchange some pleasantries first. Nana stresses that it is also important to do that so that there is no ambiguity about the mission of the guests. She says they will understand that better when she tells them the story they are about to hear about the coming of the Europeans to the Gold Coast.

So once upon a time the people of the coast lived peacefully and traded with other people inland for the things that they didn’t have. There were petty wars of expansion and petty rivalries between some states but this did not affect the general wellbeing of the people. There were established trade routes where those at the coast exchanged their fish and salt from the coast for foodstuff and other products that were inland and then the middle people as we called them also exchanged what they had for leather and cloth and nuts from the farther north.

There were markets established almost everywhere and good and services were exchanged pretty pleasantly and in the areas where the markets were situated the chiefs, who were the rulers of the land, exacted a small tax in the form of royalties for these trade items. Chiefs also had agents and officials who traded on their behalf. The bigger kingdoms had elaborate systems put in place for the smooth running of the kingdom’s economy. This was especially because when they conquered other states and incorporated them into the kingdom, these conquered states paid tribute, determined by the conqueror, to them and these had to be monitored and managed. The older kingdoms of Ghana, Mali and Songhai all had this system of economic management. This was employed by almost all the kingdoms and trade envoys passing through a kingdom had to make themselves known to the ruler of the area. This was very important else it was considered an act of war that traders will pass through an area without seeing the king of that area. It was also the case because most of these trade envoys were sanctioned by other kings and rulers of various territories thus it made it official to pay respect to the overlord of an area.

Nana looked at her audience and smiled to herself at how they were caught in rapt attention at her story. Every gaze seemed to be on her and it looked as if her voice had brought the whole evening to a standstill. Even the children had stopped milling about and sat in one corner of the compound listening in.

She continued.

Inasmuch as trade was mainly amongst Africans gradually the trade expanded and went beyond borders and over what we now call the Sahara. That meant that now people from the Sahara traveled all the way along the trade routes to find the source of the trade items and deal directly with the producers of the trade items. What we now call the Trans Saharan trade.

This meant that now the Arabs were involved in the trade too and as they traveled down along the trade routes they established mosques, which are their places of worship along the routes and also because of the large number in their convoys, they also established towns and markets to add to the existing markets. They were pretty aggressive traders and traded in whatever was the item of demand at the time. At the height of the kingdoms, gold became the main object of trade and that caught the eye of the Europeans and they decided to find the source of all the gold that found its way into Europe.

Since they couldn’t come by land like the arab traders, the Europeans decided to find a sea route to the coast of Africa and find the source of the gold. The Portuguese expedition, sanctioned by the king of Portugal, found their way to a place on the coast that they believed was the source of all the gold based on the stories of traders they had. They named this place Elmina and that is where we are now.

Well, I guess you must be tired now after your journey. I have given you the background to the coming of the first Europeans on the African coast at Elmina and will leave you to think about it and then will continue when you get back here tomorrow. You guys get some rest and make sure you sleep fitfully because you are back home.

Nana then called two of her grandchildren to come get her chair back to her room and she retired waving the visitors goodnight and hobbled to her room.

(The next day)

Nana looks out her window and sees Ebow coming with the visitors. She thought they would be coming later at sundown but it is obvious that they cant wait to hear the rest of the tale. Ebow leaves them in the courtyard and heads on to Nana’s room to talk to her. He explains that the whole group had decided that it was important that they hear the rest of the story before they do any more tours to any sites. He tells Nana jokingly that whilst they were on their way to her compound, most of the people had used their phones to check on the story as Nana had told it and it was indeed true what she had said about the wars of the states and kingdoms and also the Trans Saharan trade. Nana just smiled and asked Ebow if they had eaten anything and he could talk to his aunties in the house to prepare some koko for the visitors to which he replied that indeed they had been given breakfast where they had slept and what was in them wasn’t hunger for food but hunger for information and they couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the story. Nana then tells Ebow that she will go inside and get dressed and come join them in the courtyard but he should call his nephews to come get her chair and place it in the courtyard for her. Ebow departs to join the visitors.

By the time he gets to them, they are interacting with the children in the courtyard and are involved in playing a game of hopscotch that they children had been playing earlier when the visitors walked in. now some of them were involved in the game playing with the children as Ebow announces to them that Nana will be with them in a bit. Others join some other boys in another corner of the courtyard juggling a makeshift soccer ball made of pieces of cushion placed in a sock rounded up like a ball. They seem to be fascinated at the way the children just use materials around them to create play things. Two children are in one corner making tin cars out of discarded milk tins and the tyres of the cars are made from rounded plastic slippers cut out in perfect roundness by sharpened metals that are used like calipers.

In a bit Nana walks out of her room and walks down the courtyard towards the visitors. Being the oldest in the compound, almost everyone comes out to greet her as she walks past them to take her seat that has been placed in the spot she usually sits. Her grey hair is neatly combed and slick and she wears an African print dress that flows behind her in the wind making her look like an African queen heading to her coronation. She smiles at everyone as she takes greetings from her household. As they greet her they also add blessings wishing her long life and health amidst genuflecting to her.

Everyone quickly gathers around and they stand in respect as she walks to them and kind of greets almost everyone asking if they slept well and how they are doing this morning and then she walks slowly and takes her seat. Everyone sits down and then she asks Ebow, like she did yesterday, what their mission is and the reason for the visit. Again Dredd is the spokesman for the visitors and conveys to Nana, through Ebow, that they had really been intrigued by her story last night and that like the proverbial Oliver Twist they had come for more especially having realized via Google on their phones and computers that most of the story she had told them was true. They were intrigued and wanted more.

Nana laughs quite loudly as asks ‘so if it wasn’t for your gadgets and this Google, you will think whatever story I told you was pure lies huh..’ .  everyone laughs at this and they all chorus in unison ‘oh nooo!!’. Well I’m glad you confirmed the stories I have told you because these are stories that has been handed down to us through the generations and even though it was a long time ago, the substance of the stories still remains though there might be distortions here and there. ‘so yes I understand and I was just teasing you’, Nana says.

Yesterday I got to when the Portuguese first arrived on our coast. Well imagine what it looked like to our people to be on the shore and all of a sudden ships appear on the coastline heading straight for us. Mind you this were people who were not used to big boats just their small canoes for fishing and then also came these whitemen off the boats that had appeared on the coastline. They parked the big boats on the water and took their small canoes and then they came ashore. Our people just runaway thinking they were seeing ghosts. The people were so white and they had just appeared on the coastline and now they were on the beach. Somebody will definitely run to inform the chief on the arrival of the ghosts on the shore. The chief gathers his warriors around him to go see what is going on and then the first meeting with the whiteman happens. Through sign language the whiteman tells the chief his intention and that he bears gifts for the king. It is the gifts that have the people in awe because they were mostly things they had never seen before. This include mirrors, our people looked into water when they wanted to see their images and here was an object that you look in and could see yourself. There were bottles, made of glass, exquisitely shaped, there were several European goods that the Portuguese presented to the king. The leader of the Portuguese delegation nods to his colleagues when he sees all the gold ornaments adorning the king and his elders and they acknowledge they are in the right place. This indeed is the source of all the gold that has found its way to Europe.

Nana paused for a second to gauge the reaction of her audience. Then she continued. It was obvious that language was going to be a barrier but these white traders found a way of going around it. With sign language they managed to show their intention and as like how you came and I asked you your mission, the king asked their mission and they managed to communicate that they were traders and that their ships were full of such items as silk cloth, mirrors and European goods and they will trade them for the gold and other items that were available. But the focus was mainly on the gold. To this the king gave the Portuguese a place they could build their lodgings and these lodgings were what these days you call offices, where they conducted their trade. Gradually there came the need for these lodgings to be expanded to include storage so that trade went on all year round and when they ships came they just loaded what was in storage and left for Europe. Hence the forts and castles were built along the coast line to act as trading posts and loading bays for the Europeans ships. These forts and castles were also armed to defend against other Europeans into coming to take over the trade territories established by another European nation.

So a basic fort along the coast was mainly a trade outpost for the Europeans. Gradually as the business got good, more Europeans started arriving and though it started with the Portuguese, soon the Danes, Dutch, British, French, Germans and several others managed to find themselves all along the African coast using the Atlantic Ocean as a trade route to Europe and the west indies. These basic forts as trade outposts using had a storage room, living quarters and a meeting room. At the height of trading when the forts needed to be expanded, the Europeans built the castles which were big edifices that contained everything and even housed a battalion of military forces not only to protect their interests but also to fight against each other. That is when in most of the castles you find canons pointing out to the sea and at least one pointed into the town habitat of the people where once a while they fired off warning shots to keep the local people frightened and the rest of the Europeans at bay. It wasn’t just the other Europeans kept at bay but our people too were afraid of the booms of the canons and the cracks from the firestick rifles. Women will threaten stubborn children that the boom boom will capture them to put fear in the children and calm them from mischief as children were wont to.

Nana continued her tale but it was obvious that the old lady was getting tired and needed to rest. Well at least now you know the story of how the European ancestors came to our coast and have been coming ever since. another day we will continue with how some of these people went to town to interact not with nananom but with the local people and how they took wives from amongst them to live with. Nana then called her grandson to hold her hand as retreated to her chambers leaving her guests in the courtyard after bidding them farewell.

**This is part of a story I wrote to be published in a book The Ship That Returned**

Dead Dolphins

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It’s been so long since I wrote anything on any of my blogs and it is not because I don’t have content but interestingly my muse seems to have gone on a long break which probably is bad for my popularity and blogging brand. But hey I’m back.

In these past months since I posted anything here, several incidents have caught my attention that should have brought me rushing to this gadget to type my thoughts on these several issues. Notable amongst them has been The Covid Election 2020 as I’ve personally come to call it, the events before and after the election, the kinda apathy Ghana folk showed for this particular election, the riots after, the inauguration, the state of the nation (will definitely come to that) and then finally the election petition and its aftermath. All this didn’t get me writing because after all what was I gonna say that hasn’t been said already and how far has what has been said gone anyways.

During Ghana independence day weekend I decided to take a road trip to a part of Ghana I’d never been and this was a pretty exciting trip. Axim is on the western side of the country and the furthest I’d been was Takoradi. It was on this trip that I got to know that there were actually dolphins in the offshore area of Axim.

It’s pretty interesting to know that I only found this out when I was treated to a sumptuous VIP lunch at the Axim Beach Resort choosing to eat outdoors from the restaurant near the pool and facing the scene of the Atlantic ocean and its horizon. It was whilst I was walking towards the ocean front, with the waves beating loudly on the beach, that I noticed the cameos in the resort swimming pool were of dolphins and it was explained that Axim was also called Dolphin Town. Once in a while there were sightings of dolphins offshore and sometimes they came close to the beach for people to get to see them. Also some fishermen caught one once in a while and it was such a delicacy.

Its been a month since that trip and being back in the Savanna, the global warming has it with temperatures as high as 46 degrees during the day and as low as 19degrees in the wee hours of dawn. I’m mentioning global warming because only a month after the trip to Axim, over 50 adult dolphins have been washed ashore dead and some few alive, at the Axim beach. That’s a lot of dolphins in one day and several explanations have been given for the incident.

The Dolphins were stressed?? 🙅‍♀️🤐🙄photo credit Citi TV

Some others posit that dolphins are pretty delicate animals and that there could have been a seismic shift undersea that could’ve led to their being washed ashore. Its also been rumoured that maybe there was an oil or chemical spill offshore and this had led to the dolphins having to be driven to the shore.

Well all this is in the wind but what’s the importance of this to the inhabitants of Axim. The true state of the nation comes into play here. Citizens and residents go into survival mode. With the dolphins washed to the shore and even into some homes in the fishing communities, residents saw it as a means to an end. Dolphin is a delicacy served on a seafood platter and hitherto pretty expensive. With them being awash , now was the time to cash in even though the cause of their being beached was still unknown especially if it was due to poisoning thus making consumption pretty hazardous.

Inasmuch as the government authorities and agents of agencies warned against consumption of the fish, people still went ahead and have prepared it for consumption and sale on the local market. All of a sudden people went to find loans so they can invest in this business of dolphin sales and when government started clamping down on those preparing the fish for sale, the age old mantra comes up that same government should do something about it and come to the aid of the people because they’ve taken loans for the business and these loans are going to be defaulted if they don’t sell on the market.

Dolphin loans

Indeed at a time when most Ghanaians live from hand to mouth and by “kpakpakpa” doing any odd jobs or businesses that come to mind, it’s pretty sad that the fish should end up on the market in the first place especially when the cause of the incident is not clear. Even if the fish was stressed and died via stress on the beach, what are the effects of a dead stressed dolphin on an already economically, covid 19. social decorum bereft, social media frenzy and political and generally stressed Ghanaian.

Personally, I don’t wanna think far. I hope that those involved do the right thing and this incident does not affect the ecology of the Axim coast. The effects of global warming are real and we each need to mitigate these effects before our very human existence is threatened.

Like I always say, it begins with YOU!

Ha Ha Ha Show: Covid Edition

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It’s been a pretty intriguing year with several ups and downs. We’d all agree that from March since the corona pandemic hit the world, events have gone haywire and the safety protocols have made gatherings almost impossible. Event organizers, travel and tours organizers, hospitality organizers and every other event or activity that involves people gathering have all come to a standstill. For months now the social protocols for safety have been enforced strictly and it’s only now getting to the end of the year that they’re relaxed a bit.

For those of us who have found a way around the protocols but still taking extra precautions, life has been somewhat manageable even with the new normal of wearing masks everywhere, washing hands and sanitizing everything in sight. We are taking precautions but we still have to have our entertainment and even if means we have to be in social gatherings.

The DJ SID Gh and Team organized the Covid Edition of the Ha Ha Ha Show and as usual some of us were skeptical about the event even happening. With the promos out it was obvious that the event will go off as planned and patrons couldn’t wait to see what was in stock. As for the comedy acts, if you’ve followed comedy in Ghana for some time you’d know that it was going to be exciting. Ghana comedy has come a long way with fresh relatable jokes unlike the recycled internet jokes that we kept hearing over and over again.

Billed to perform on the show were the top crop of Ghana’s current comedy acts including Foster Romanus, Headmaster DKB, General Ntetia, Drs Sars and OB (real life doctors practicing stand up comedy 😂), Clemento Suarez amongst others. How the Dj Sid and team managed to get all these acts together under one roof is the mystery of the year. But they all did and it went pretty well with patrons laughing their hearts out and just having a fun filled night of laughs and music.

It was also a night for networking and meeting old friends especially since with the lockdown most people hadn’t come out for such a long time. The venue also provided guests with the tantalizing ‘jarwaakye’ from Rockstone’s Office and yours truly got a taste of what the hype was all about.

Well now that the vaccines for the pandemic is out and several people vaccinated and thus restrictions are pretty relaxed, we really hope to see the next HA HA HA SHOW with a bigger audience and more laughs. Indeed such shows are necessary to destress from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Like the proverbial cliche, a laugh a day keeps the doctor away. The more people laugh over issues, the more the quality of life is improved globally hence making the world a better place one laugh at a time.

Like I always say, it begins with YOU!

July 2020

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Indeed the month of July of this particular year 2020 will go down in my memory as one of the worst months. As if it wasn’t enough that the year itself has been one heck of a rollercoaster, the month of July had capped it with misfortunes and sadness.

I cant even begin to type some of the events but will dwell on the highlights and the ones that shook me the most. Obviously topping the list will be the untimely demise of my friend and brother Sena Dey. Even the way we found out that he had passed was a contributory factor to our grief. The man was supposed to visit up north and we had been trying to call him that morning to confirm travel plans since the time was due for his visit up north. The time was especially due too because it was a time for him to relax away from the life of the capital.

Whoever thought Eddy was gonna leave us so soon. As my girl with the red hair aptly put it ‘we believed he would live forever’ and she is right. This is a dude who was so full of life and selflessly checking on every one of us never once complaining. Dude was there for everyone, larger than life and ever smiling. Damn! GOD really knows best and we’d miss him so much. I’m teary eyed just typing this.

Then it was also Miguel, the exotic basketball shoes collector who played basketball and turned his passion, cooking, into a job. Head chef of a tertiary institution and our reunion was such a fancy one. We had gone to attend a couples program and when I walked in to have dinner and who should shout my name but him. We hadn’t seen each other in almost a decade and it was nice catching up with his stories of living abroad and learning how to cook under some of the best chefs in the world. Dude even brought his 18month old daughter to come and meet Uncle Kola and after coaxing her for a while I got to carry her and get her to smile. Miguel died three days before Eddy did and was buried a week after Eddy was buried.

My bosom friend Ojay, my naija brother from another mother. The man I can call any time of the day and he will answer my call and go running. By a twist of fate one of my adopted daughters found herself in a bind in Abachaland and as usual I picked up a phone to call the one person I can always count on to unravel any mysteries in any part of that land. The news he gave me hit me hard like I’ve been slammed down on the mat in a WWE wrestling rumble. He had lost both his grandmas and his mom during the same period and he was in a bind himself. I couldn’t just imagine the grief my friend was in having lost two generations of women in his life with one fell stroke. Ojay hang in there my friend. God indeed knows best.

Indeed the final one even makes me smile and inasmuch as I’m shaken by events in July, my faith in God remains unshaken. So Eddy loved pork and called it swine, so to celebrate his life, I got my pseudo family of his friends to celebrate his life and it wouldn’t have been complete without grilled pork. The closest place to get such a delicacy was another friend of ours, Madam Mavis, who run an eatery. Interestingly we had formed a political pressure group and she was its organizing secretary and I was her unofficial assistant. We made the call if there was pork available and placed our order and we went to collect our order for our party. Getting there we couldn’t see her because we were told she wasn’t well. As a Rotarian, Madam Mavis was popular in rotarian circles haven’t once been a past president of one of the chapters in the capital. I was sitting in the loo one morning when I got the call that Madam Mavis too had passed on. All of a sudden, well I wont type what happened  but it shook me up pretty good.

Anyways the month of July has been one terrible month but it had a couple of good times too. In death we learnt to celebrate life and it is interesting that the month of August that follows right after is a month for celebrating weddings.

Indeed IN ALL THINGS I give thanks to God for the events of this year and I pray that we all stay safe. I know people are wailing and wish that they wake up one morning and the year has reset to Jan 1 2021 but since this is not possible we have to take 2020, the double score year, one day at a time. We will all make it and if you are reading this, say a prayer to God and thank the Almighty for your life.

Let us keep making an impact in this world in the various small ways that we can. Don’t always think what the world can do for you but rather what you can do to make the world a better place. Be the change you want to see especially in this politically charged atmosphere.

Like I always say, it begins with YOU!

Stay safe


Shape of Water

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So I woke up this morning and and whilst Afia Larbi prepared for work and my compound house became a montessori playground with kids running around shouting at each other in English, I wondered what parents have to go through during this pandemic time.

Guess a lot of parents have newfound respect for teachers…

But my actual thoughts were quite nostalgic and came whilst I was drinking my early morning glass of water and I remembered what we had been taught about the shape of water…

So lemme throw the question to you guys and if anyone answers it correctly, in the exact words that i remember it, you get a prize..
(Terms and Conditions apply)


Just tell me the definition as you were taught by your teacher. Let’s find the sharks in class.

Let’s Go!

And please no cheating by asking your children.. 😂😂😂


copied from my Facebook post

Children wahala

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So this little usually quiet girl in my compound woke up this morning with an attack of the speakeasy: from the moment she finished brushing her teeth, it was all English.

Her mom is cooking breakfast and the little girl goes into a tirade about an event that happened in school and how she misses it etc etc.

Mom, a petty trader and housewife looks at her and says “wu bɛ ka brofo ɛndɛ a diɛ ko wu papa hɔ” (if you will speak English today then go to your dad).

Dad, a security man, is inside and hears what
mom said and asks “na mi diɛ min yɛ diɛn” (but me what should I do?) and calls out to his daughter “Ekua! Come here.” They then get into a conversation about what is going on in town.

Ekua: Daddy why are they saying on radio that town is empty?

Daddy: Today they are spraying the market and town and nobody is to open shops today. I went out and I met soldiers and they were wild.

Ekua: so daddy did they beat you. I hear the soldiers are beating people plenty in town.

Daddy: No I just turned back and rode my bicycle back home. Ekua where are your books you brought from school. Come and take and read.

Ekua: but daddy…

Daddy: Ekua I said come and take the book and read. Read any one at all..

Looks my direction as if to say these children must go back to school soonest. 😂😂

All these while mummy has finished cooking, dishes the meals and goes inside to take a mat and come and lie in the shade outside..

It’s 35degrees in the shade so you appreciate the small breeze circulating.

She too some akomfem chicks are passing and making plenty noise so she throws stones at them so they can just go away.

As for me, lemme continue drying my things. Today is for washing and I’m sure Afia Larbi is wondering where I am hiding to type this true story..

Meanwhile please stay home and stay safe.

Eat and sleep.

Read a book or two.

It begins with YOU!


Kotoko Run: A COVID Dream Series

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So here I was, minding my business and walking past some street corner ‘then sneeze catch me’. Typical of me I do a loud ‘ahchieɛɛn’ and proceed to just blow ma nose into the wind like that before taking out my hanky to wipe off the remnants of phlegm hanging around my nose.

It is after I sneeze a second time and I’m searching in my pockets for my sanitizer, that I realize what times we are in and the people sitting at the street corner call the attention of the soldiers and white suit guys, some with spray cans at their backs (fumigators), to me. 👃👃

Kwɛɛ! Dɛm go catch me so I start to run. From the corner of my eye I run past what a staircase and I see either a hedgehog or a porcupine going up the stairs and couldn’t help thinking ‘hey Kotoko is climbing the stairs’ 😂(guess I run past the stadium) and soon I get cornered. 🏃🏃

All of a sudden I hear a voice shout at me, wash your hands! Come on! Wash your hands but where can I wash my hands? The soldiers and white suited guys are closing in on me, some.with electric prods. 👋👋

Eish! This is no matrix movie. I’m stuck and resign to my fate..🙅🙅

All of a sudden I remember I have to buy fante kenkey for Afia Larbi and that’s when I wake up.

Heh! Lemme go find my mask and wear and go get her the kenkey before she gets home..

But chale people STAY SAFE!
Wash your hands regularly..


Corona Nsɛm

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So I woke up this morning in the wake of the news of the arrest in the capital of the COVID positive Guinean woman who escaped quarantine from Tamale.

Honestly I shudder to think of her journey to Accra and I console myself that being Guinean she must have a witch’s broomstick because the implicit implications otherwise send shivers down my spine. Who helped her?

Well, I however would like you to know that in Tamale we are not playing with the disease. Our rural folk might not have heard about it but organizations have translated education materials into local languages and been broadcasting it also via community meetings to the rural folk. Thank God that these people have immune systems of an ox due to their local diets.

In order to keep the children a bit occupied during their time at home, me and Jennifer have also given children’s books out and several organizations are providing learning resources for education to students currently at home. Others are providing food for the homeless.

The assembly has put washing bowls on every street in Tamale Central and every shop has sanitizers held out ready and what I love is the people are ready to share theirs with you so we all keep safe.

My coup de grace was getting to my barber’s and he meets each customer outside himself with rubbing alcohol in hand. 😂😂

In the evenings there are groups of youth and elders sitting in street corners and drinking hot ginger and lemon and you are invited to join them in their discussions on what is trending in the society. This is where people pass on info about the disease and debunk any untruths that are myriad on social media in these times.

Inasmuch as we are not on lockdown in Tamale, most people are staying at home and boosting our immune systems but i must admit we have to work on our social distancing a bit more.

Thankfully the spike in cases that got us on the map are not local cases and the suspected local cases have all proven negative so far. Let’s pray it remains like that in the next two weeks.

If you are down south and worried about us thank you but we are fine. Just pray for us all and by God we will survive the one too .

Well, Afia Larbi is preparing jollof and I better go help out or that my twinny can decide she won’t gimme some and I’d resort to having to eat some whilst she’s sleeping.

Stay blessed and stay safe people.

We shall survive this.

It begins with YOU!

God bless us all .


The Market Walk: A COVID Dream Series

Posted in Uncategorized on April 16, 2020 by kola

So I found myself in Kumasi, the Garden City of Ghana and I had to find my way from Point A to Point B and as usual I love to walk the streets of Kumasi to enjoy the old architecture.

Whilst contemplating how to journey from Point A to B, I met a young man who asked me for directions to a particular place and to show him where it was settled on my route to get to Point B. The route was through a market. So we set off.

I don’t remember what we talked about on the walk but he was pretty intelligent and affable and we talked about quite a lot on our journey. Well I guess there was no politics or I’d have remembered that part as we navigated the labyrinths of a typical local market.

The cloth sellers, the utensils, earthenware and non stic pots, soap, fish and foodstuff market and then I remember the last item before we came out the other side was the egg sellers.

Just as we walked out of the market a little boy dragging a locally made tin can toy car joined us and was happy to walk with us noisily dragging his car along.

I don’t know how the conversation went when all of a sudden he pointed up and I saw a helicopter designed like a shark hanging in the air. The little boy explained that the helicopter had come from the garage of the Regional Minister and had been hanged there by her (don’t know why the minister was female) to look over the people of the region so that every time they looked up and saw it, they would know that she was watching and that integrity was the watchword.

Thinking of it now I think it was a balloon and the thread that hang on it had the MTN logo but it was in the Vodafone compound in Kumasi.

The little boy could see the interest on my face and just smiled. I pointed out the direction to my walk companion and he thanked me and went his way. Forgot to even take his number.

But the story was too incredulous not to tell anybody so I was wondering who to tell about it, Kofi Gbedemah, Nana Yaa Brago, Agye Man, Lorm, Abena Magis or Nana Awere so went looking for my phone to type the.message when I heard “oh Fii you still haven’t ironed my clothes…”

I jumped out of bed and realized it had all been a dream…

Now it kinda made sense how can I walk through a Kumasi market and not see Maame Kaya @Naomi Kukoro and her bunch of purple apron wearing generals ..

Also the market was kinda empty in these ‘Coro Times’