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Worth the Wait

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The Good Book says that good comes to Those that wait and they are blessed. For Those that wait upon the lord he shall renew their strength …

Recently in a fit of hunger my friend Kukua and me decided to go “scavenging” for food.  Heck! The lights were off and none of us was in the mood to cook. Not that it would’ve made any difference anyways cos I don’t cook.  So we parked the car at home and set off to look for the closest chop bar that didn’t serve the usual heavy stuff taxi drivers eat for lunch, not that we’d mind terribly if we had banku for lunch.

Everywhere we asked for food in the area we were pointed to a restaurant further away but every time one restaurant name was the last resort. 

What we noticed from our scavenging foray was that most of the food joints that were rice based were all closed and operated at night to clientele out in town so during the day they were closed.

Chatting and laughing we trudged on further and further and even walked into a supermarket hand in hand like a newly married couple only to walk up one aisle to check if they had a certain item in stock and walked out. That got a few confused stares but who cared. 

Up on the hill we looked into the far distance of what was our destination and as if  on cue my tummy gave a rumble to remind me that very soon the acids will be unleashed on my intestines which were empty cos I’d also been to the loo and gotten rid of any reserves. 

Finally after several eventful minutes we got to our destination but being lost we asked for directions and gratefully somebody.actually took us to the little restaurant tucked into the corner of some obscure road.

Being hungry we had to opt for what to eat so we decided to eat banku but that choice brought up a simultaneous growl from both our tummies when we saw the queue of people going down that lane to the small booth opening whilst the jollof line was pretty idle. 

Hunger dictates!

Having ordered the jollof realized that inasmuch as we were hungry, being in this together had formed a stronger bond so we ordered food together and ate from Same bowl.

Why am I going on and on about with this story. There are various lessons to be learnt in this story quite apart from the obvious being hungry and going off to scavenge for food. 

First lesson in Life is that it is important to make friends who will share not only your joy with you but also your pain even with you’re hungry. 

That a true friend will stick by you in times of trouble and help you get out of it amidst laughter. Even when you’re both hungry.

Friends stick by you when you need them to but they will only do that when they know you’ll also be there for them and this is done by demonstrating that you’re a friend. People come into our lives for various reasons mostly selfish but true friendship is voluntary and a thankless job.

It’s also very important to get like minded friends who will help to build your dreams or make you a better person via their inputs into yo Life. Let your tummies rumble together.

Wow! Just a simple walk to find food to quell hunger has turned into a classroom. Now the question is that is Life itself not the biggest classroom? Everything happens for a reason and this writer doesn’t believe in coincidences. We learn the lessons with each step that we take in Life and that’s why it becomes important to have The Maker order our steps on the right path (there are several directions)

It’s important as we trudge through this Life that we pick up lessons as we go no matter how how inconsequential because you don’t know when that knowledge will be needed to get out of a situation.

One step at a time and the right steps will make people look up to you to find their paths too.

Oh! And the jollof was worth the walk. Tasted almost perfect so much so that we’re inviting more friends to this little restaurant tucked away somewhere in an obscure area so we can all attest to it’s taste.

But like I always say:
It Begins with YOU!!


Blue Gate

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Those of us who grew up in the Mamprobi – KorleBu – Chorkor and even the Banana Inn area will remember the Blue Gate video centre and its patronage. It was the only video centre where we were assured of the latest music videos in an era when the videos sold the songs. Seeing the music video is what convinced you that the music was dope. 

The music video is what sold the songs and not even the CDs. 

We had fond memories of banal groups like the 2 Live Crew from USA with their I Wanna Rock track with women clad in Brazilian bikinis shaking their tush like it was nobody’s biz and the emergence of the dancehall genre with shabba ranks and his trail load of gals, shaka demmus & pliers and a whole host of others.

Let’s not forget the ladies too Queen Latifa with her Weekend Luv collaboration and Lady Patra’s One Minute Man.  Mc Lyte, Salt N Pepa and many more.

But inasmuch as these videos were what drew us there, it is not what my focus is on with this article. My focus is on our choices in life and how we Let a venture like that just didn’t out.

Although the videos were current and latent, there were used as the prelude to the main movies that were shown at the BlueGate. Some people just came to watch the music videos and then moved on to other cinema or video centres around to watch other videos especially at Plaza Cinema on the big screen or some other centres showing other movies usually more pornographic especially on weekends.

Not only was the video centre a place of entertainment but we made some of the craziest friends and sometimes boys went there in groups as in we were able to plan that after soccer in the evening we were all going to be at the video centre that evening. Some of the best laid plans were made at this video centre and bonds were forged. There was always something to discuss at the next sitting after watching a particularly interesting music video or movie.

So what happened to BlueGate as a centre? With the number of people that it drew per night to patronize the place, it is very surprising that it didn’t develop into an ultra modern centre with the latest gadgets maybe graduate to a projector on a white screen or a flat screen television or a place where people could hang out the whole day instead of just evening entertainment.

In an era before all this DSTV football watching caught on, BlueGate was a pacesetter and should have been ahead of the pack with serialized food joints (remember the kelewele/fried yam/potatoes seller across the street), maybe a barber’s shop plus boutique and other shops to cater for the needs of patrons round the clock. 

As somebody suggested, we really don’t have foresight as Ghanaians and we live for today and not the future. With a venture like that it is such a shame that the place has been laid waste and even though the internet has made it possible to have access to videos even on your phone, places like BlueGate video centre could still be relevant if proprietors had vision and rebranded their services and also roped in all the parties that will benefit from from the human traffic passing through everyday.

Makes strong business sense to just pool it all together and then rake in as much as possible. 

Ventures like BlueGate has shaped some of us and opened us up to events as they enfolded in the rest of the world and once human beings are curious, such businesses will always thrive if only proprietors will think of a way to provide what the customers want.

As for us the consumers we will always have choice and with so much to choose from we are the ones to make such ventures grow from a cottage biz to a multi million cedi business. We make the difference.

Long live the BlueGates of this world and you could start your own BlueGate in your own corner.

Best wishes from me as you find your BlueGate.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!!

Social Persons

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With the advent of social media we have met so many people who hitherto we wouldn’t have met or even could’ve have had any interaction with.

I know many of my readers will share my sentiments that they have met many people on social media websites and platforms  that exist on the world wide web.

Recently one of the youngest and most innovative  entrepreneurs of our time, the CEO of Horseman Shoes and “the president’s shoemaker” (as he’s come to be known as)made a touching remark of the powerful and far reaching effects of social media when he said that without it he wouldn’t have been in contact with some people whom have been inspirations and he’s known from afar. 

Businesses have been launched via social media platforms and here a classic case is the WearGhana brand that always does a social blitz for most of it’s events.

Mention can also be made of design houses like MSimps and Harmattan by Mabel Simpson and Immaculata Larbi. These businesses have made use of social media to a great effect and seen results.

So when it comes to the whatsapp application people join groups for various causes and yours truly is participant of almost 30such groups – both local and international.

It was in one of such groups that she was added. When I was told that there was a Kenyan group put together by an interesting independent woman and that I will find it fascinating I didn’t hesitate to be added. It was upon entering that I realized that the group was of young free thinkers who were upfront about almost anything.  That’s quite refreshing considering that Africans generally are uptight about some issues when it comes to our common problems. Here was a no holds barred platform where no subject was off limits. From belly button piercings to bisexual relationships and through social studies and politics, religion and sex no subject was off limits.

There is only one rule.

So one day a fun chick is added to the group and my first thought is Damn! This gal has the figure of an oboe.  What the heck!

The first picture she posted we all thought was Photoshopped and usually people not comfortable about doubting their photos so I had to find a way to get her to post more of her lovely photos. To this effect I confronted her to prove that the photo wasn’t and she finally had a photo where she stood on a stage right behind a huge guitar and I’m Sure most of the men given the choice will stroke the guitar in clothes and not the bare wood she had in her hands. 

There was no doubt both would produce the most delicious sound. 

In the next few weeks it became obvious that this was no bimbo. I’ve always been intimidated by beauty and brains and maybe it’s because I find such women so attractive it has a profound effect on me.  This was one chica who knew exactly what she was about.

Not only was she selfish she was also a philanthropist with a focus on young women and trying to get them through the rough patches they got in life through various methods available such as mentoring and just looking out for them.
Over the weeks folk in the group have become like family and there has been sharing of emotions and general stuff, Happy times mostly and sad times when the group has been used as a therapeutic platform to help members cope with the various adversities in life. Deaths have been mourned, relationships have taken either a dive or spiralled depending on the needs of the participants, job opportunities have been shared as well as research on various topics.

Lately births have been celebrated most. 

But focus on the support system provided as this heavenly guitar sprung it on us that she had gone for a checkup and there was bad news that she was sick.  The ability to own up to it and recognize this group that she has come to know like family for a few months is even unique in itself. The Passion family also didn’t disappoint and rallied in to support one of their own.

What intrigues yours truly most is that this young motivator didn’t see herself as an island when in crisis but then jumped into her social media family to open up and share not only her life but her fears and aspirations. Most of us will consider ourselves as individuals and be in our own corner and suffer in silence and that’s exemplified in the recent death of one of Nollywood’s young budding superstars who had a terminal illness and kept it to himself to his grave. Sad!

VAL! We’re here for you as a family and will always be. Passions got your back and this write up is dedicated to you. In you we see a friend and a sister, a colleague and a peer and Precious sees you as a mother and a mentor.

For all the young ladies they see you as a motivator and we pray you just live Long to achieve your purpose for which God put you on this planet. 

Be a shining light to your friends, family and country and through social media this Ghana man is privileged to know you. We will meet one day soon.

Social media causes change and though it you can not only cement friendships and meet cool people like VAL but you can spark a change process one person at a time t affect your community and your country.

Like I always say
It begins with YOU!!!

Life is a Fart

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The story is told of me when I was a little boy who usually went prancing in front of the mirror every time  I took a bath. It is said that I stood in front of the mirror and until my other brothers finished taking their baths and join me, I will just be dancing and doing stunts in front of my mom’s dressing mirror.

The fun part was that this little boy could be anybody he wanted to be in front of the mirror and at times he tried out several role plays – from being a universal soldier, a martial arts grandmaster (maybe from watching too many Chinese movies at midday), a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, even a painter sometimes.

But now the real story comes in the one episode that had the whole family talking about it at family gathering for years. One day the little boy got too curious and wanted to see what his little ass looked like when he farted.  He knew farts were hot and when he pushed hard enough, the fart sounds changed according to how you let the air out. 

So on this Boxing Day, with his clothes ironed out and having been privy to being the first to use that big bar of yellow Sunlight soap, he paddles barefoot and stark naked into the bedroom to go use the Shea butter on his skin but as usual he had to first do his role plays prancing in front of the dresser.

With the extended family waiting outside he still prances about in his role playing charades as his grandfather the patriarch of the family. Mother hears him and shouts “Kofi! Stop it and get dressed!” He staggers but not before he lets rip one loud open ended fart – no holes barred.

Wow! That felt good!

Tries another one and with a new grimace and a slight shimmy of the hips and the rushing of wind takes the form of a whistle. It is an exciting adventure and very soon he’s lost in the fun of it. He tries several positions and then he goes for the grand finale.

He feels an urge of a big gush of air coming out and he would give anything to see how that comes out full blast.

So he turns his small tush towards the mirror, spreads it out with two hands and looks over his shoulder to see what the air will look coming out and then with one clench of his tummy muscles and one huge breath he lets it rip. 

But instead of the expected air out comes a splash of poop that slashes on most of the items the dresser including mom’s perfumes and make up set, hair brushes and dad’s watches all on the dresser. 

That moment of confusion as to what to do sets in.

And just at that moment mom walks in with his kid brother.

This is a story that was told by the whole family for years on end, even when somebody much as mentioned farting at any family gathering.  Even when the smell of a fart permeated the atmosphere and the culprit couldn’t be found, there was one person who was always the suspect no matter what.

There are lessons to be learnt in this little story though. As children we are free to dream as to what we want in life and what and where we want to be. But it takes pretty hard work to get what you want whether it is as simple as a fart or to be the CEO of a multinational company.

Hard work is the watchword in this case even if it means the end products will be soft and brown all over a lot of important stuff. No matter how gooey it may look it’s up to you to keep trying over and over again to get it right.

The little boy who pooped in front of that mirror became a man who not learnt about the different kinds of farts and even how farts diffuse in the atmosphere depending on what you eat (high school biological science with Mr Maddy) and how farts could be used for friendly competition and also as a weapon.

Well, that little attempted fart became a springboard to what the man will become. Today as you finish reading this, let out a relieving fart and think of it going away with ail your burdens. 

Mind you some are smelly some are just heavy.

Remember! It all begins with YOU!!

Fart away!

Giant Reconnect

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In these times when connections are everything and people are bound by the sort of ties they make throughout their lives it has become important that all ties that are made are taken serious.

Not to sound too cliche it is said that the people you meet when going up are the same ones you meet when coming down. But in real life this cliche is skewed in the sense that life is a steep slope and some of these people fall off the side before we get to the top or even we could fall on the sides ourselves.

Invariably it is true of human nature that we’d relate better with people we are familiar with. I’m not a shrink or anything but this is true, I believe, of human nature. We tend to better relate to people we think we know and who better usually than people we either grew up with or we attended school with.

It is this vein and with this current global trends in mind that I embraced the call to announce to me that there was a group of my old school mates on the new social messaging platform Telegram. Hitherto I hadn’t shown interest in the platform because I didn’t see it’s need when I was already using whatsapp and Facebook messenger.  Difference with Telegram is that it sends large files and other large format media (I’m no tech whiz).

But when I heard these mates of mine were available from all over the world at a touch of a button, I quickly had to get a compatible phone and get access to it. Some of these friends/mates I haven’t seen in 21years since we left school in 1993. For me this is an opportunity not to miss. No way!

Most folk, like me, even within the group, find telegram a platform too cumbersome to navigate and so with the expansion of the cap on number of participants on whatsapp the migration is just  what the group needed at the time.

The benefits of being in the group are myriad. Human beings have a special need or craving for a place to belong. That sense of belonging has led very wealthy people to die prematurely because they had an emptiness in them. With al their riches they had no friends. All acquaintances were business ones and none personal.

With comrades from the same high school who shared 5 or more years of our lives together reliving the old days of bullying, fun days of working hard and capturing experiences within those few shared years.that shaped and invariably made us who we are today  – wow!


But the days of sitting together are still fun and the support system for each other all works just fine. 

So the group of old mates came together to raise money to support a fallen giant’s widow and children and set up an endowment fund for them.

This same group organized a meeting during the holidays for members and their families to meet and interact with each other.
This particular one was a glorious meet because the boys hadn’t seen each other in over two decades and the wives realized what kinda men they got married to, when they are comfy around good/goofy friends.

As for the various characters and personalities the less said the better – a hilarious motley crew.

The bully became a Reverend minister (a man of the collar), the smallest boys in the year group are now the most muscular thickset guys wit’h bulging arms  -one of them went into the army whilst the other became a financial consultant. Academics, businessmen, sexy bankers (no sex in the bank), marine engineers, big framed pilots, and a whole range of professionals both local and international.

It must be noted that in this era where information is key hugs important that one gets connected both immediately and remotely in order to strategically place oneself to navigate through life.
It is in this vein that a database for the group with detailed description of what everybody is doing or has been up to has been proposed.

Connectivity is paramount in our existence and when it comes with a portable sense of belonging “who is me” to question this glorious blessing.

The light and lively banter on social and general issues, the idiosyncratic tendencies of each member tested to it’s limits, the “exportations” from the pastorpreneur, the felonies committed in the comforts of the home smoking joints to ease the joints, the occasional meet ups at the now official hangout @ Holiday Inn piano bar, the sleepless nights just shooting the breeze globally,  and a whole lot more makes this group worthwhile.

For a couple of boys who all met when some were barely teenagers, one would say it is always fun to reconnect and the preservation of the camaraderie is of utmost importance.

Long live my school mates!!
Long live our Alma mata! Ghana Secondary Technical School!
Long live Mother Tesco!
Long live Giants!!

Destiny Reflections

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It is funny how situations happen and you get to think about your whole life all over again. Here I am sitting behind my computer and wondering what exactly to write.

I have learnt that the best way to write what you feel is let your emotions take over and write the truth even though you will be shy of it but people will relate to it better because that is the truth. Truth always stands.

Recently there has been a worrying phenomenon and this is that I think too much. Becoming a thinker is affecting everything I do and by so doing offsetting the balance of nature. You probably won’t understand but having taken on more responsibility to my readers I have come to realize that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

It is a thankless job to live in the world we live in today and have the mindset that I have. God put us on this earth for a reason and this reason we all ought to find and fulfill our purpose in life which is not only to glorify Him but to do His Will.

Allah hu Akbar!

Like I always say, it begins with YOU!

Get out there and make a change – one person at a time

Korle Bu Nostalgia

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So I find myself back two nights and a morning in the korle bu nurses flats where I basically grew up. My formative years were in that neighborhood and they were such nostalgic moments as I walked the paths I used to walk as a child and even as a young adult.

The first notable thing on the first evening was the absence of youth sitting outside engaging in the usual ‘intellectual arguments’ almost always centered around soccer. Bands of youth will sit on the walls in different locations in the neighborhood having a chat out of the heat in the rooms.

These youth groups were easily identified by age ranges and it was always spot on that every evening these youth will be found in the exact same location having healthy, noisy conversations on various subjects in the evenings till late or the wee hours of the morning. This was always to the irksome reactions of the parents who didn’t have older youth to participate in these chattering or even parents who felt that the noise generated by the ‘intellectual arguments’ was bothering them.

When this happened in our neighborhood, the fellas just almost always decided to take a walk and then joined the other nurses’ children in the ‘old quarters’ who were almost always found on the pavement and walls of the Allied Sciences school right by the roadside, having their own ‘intellectual arguments’.

A merger was always informative and fun.

The first thought that occurred to me not seeing this usual sight is that the administrative machinery had finally clamped down on the youth activity in the neighborhood. Some parents were always against it and in recent times, there have been some reported incidents when a shop had become the meeting point for the youth who had moved out, become corporate executives in their own rights but converge in the old neighborhood to bond with those few who were still there in nostalgic times.

Such a shame to see such a lively neighborhood now gone quiet as early as 8pm. Especially with the heat indoors, it is amazing how quiet the whole neighborhood seemed.

In walking the length and breadth of the neighborhood I realized just how small the whole place was. This is a place where it was fun growing up. It was our universe. Right from the korle bu junction (which has now been walled with a gate – I jumped that gate again since it was locked when I passed there) to the neem tree circle to MOH School to Bishop Bowers JSS and through the bush to the gas filling station, that was the extent of our universe. The whole place looked claustrophobic and small and yet this was our world as children.

The pavements that we used to do hopscotch (sorry tumantu) on, the walls that we did tag it’s on you (sorry amaohey) the pavement where we played four corners and hit/hurt our toes whilst playing holes, damn! Walking the neighborhood brought a lot of nostalgic memories.

But it all looked small this time. Went to the senior nursing officer’s blocks N/I where I used to live and wow! walking behind the block on the drying line path I couldn’t fathom how we had survived in those small cubicles. The rooms look very very small. What it brought to the fore was the kinda sacrifices our parents might have suffered for us their children so we could get the best out of life.

Oh yes! I remembered a chicken coop was there even when we played soccer and a rabbit coop in Block J with Mr Schwinger (Cockroach. RIP) and his bangers.

At N/H and N/J I walked the front of the building where we used to play our soccer games. Those blocks were our stadiums till later we cleared that field that is still in use today. I couldn’t fathom how we could have had a gala in that twenty meters of space that could only park eight cars (yeah I checked). The mango tree of Block H is now springing up again as it was totally cut down.

I remember it as being for the older youth and we the younger youth were afraid to even pass in front of it since that was their meeting point having their own moments and smoking whatever they were under those trees.

At Block N/F I remembered the Auntie Lizzy moments. How many of us didn’t think that woman was loony but we tended to understand her as we got older and for me personally I grew up admiring her resolute no nonsense attitude to work and life.

We had a happy childhood and those days were fun.

But now, it is fascinating that all this seems lost in the rat race – the hunt for the cedi. Even though folk complain about everything in Ghana, there is still no time for fun. Last time I checked, when we were living in the flats, very few people had motor cars. I remember how big a deal it was for your parents to own a car back then even if it was a company car. Chale!

Walking the neighborhood these past days, I realized there was no space for some people to even park their cars. The cars ranged from the latest Mercedes E 230 ??, a sleek green sports car, several four wheel drives and country cars so much so that now every single space on every block is filled with cars and some still park at the Accra Chapel now Accra Community Church.

Thanks to the health workers rebate on importation of cars? Well I don’t know.

I thought they said nursing wasn’t paying. But then I agree these are all not nurses and I see the dependents of nurses are not so dependent anymore since some are very independent but live off the government largesse. Well that is to be expected. After all, this is Ghana.

At Block N/I for example, I remember there were only 4 cars as we used to live there but now there are over 15 cars to that block alone as even the ‘gardens’ have been converted into parking lots.

Pretty interesting sight.

Noticed an innovation too that I found quite intriguing. Almost every block now has a tap in the garden especially the senior nurses, matrons blocks as is same for the other blocks. Even at Block F they have a series of hippo polytanks (4?) to support the taps so that they augment the water supply to residents of the block.

No more walking to the nurses training school to fetch water which was fun because we guys used to see women in nighties in the wee hours of the morning.

After my walk through the neighborhood, decided to use the korle bu junction exit which is now a small gate which I didn’t know was locked at certain times.

Walking that route brought memories of when that place was bare before Prof Frimpong Boaten built the flat for his cardio nurses. Also brought memories of the whiteman’s Alsatian dogs that bark all day and night and friends who lived on that lane. How about the bar that existed or was it a comm center there later on where we used to converge and watch the girls come past.

Now since no cars use the road, the vegetable growers have taken it over an planted gardens watering it with manure from wherever and the usual gutter water. All this we have ate and still eat because their best clients are the waakye sellers in the different locations in Accra who buy veggies from them.

I remembered my first altercation with one of the security men who were given Tazzer guns to prevent young men like me from jumping the wall when it was built. I told him if he touched me with that gun, I was gonna kill him on the spot with a thousand volts of electricity. Apparently he had no idea the effectiveness of the weapon he had in his hand and he got so scared he just let me pass.

Lesson learnt that day is that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and guy never bothered me again.

This time there was no security guard but the gate was locked and even though the police barrier at salvation was on the other side of the wall, I just could not see myself going back round to pass through the gas station area. So I just put my tablet and other items on the wall and skipped over it. Simple!

Felt so good to be young and rebellious again.

Well, there is not much to say about the morning I found myself in the neighborhood but then as has become normal in Ghana, people were rushing off to work and they didn’t even notice me standing by the Accra Chapel gate observing it all.

The security man at the church asks me ‘may I know you’ and I reply ‘no you may not but I want to go into the church to do my quiet time’. Then he says he cannot allow me to do that to which I am dumbfounded. Last time I checked, a church was supposed to be a sanctuary to seek God’s face huh.

Well I was in for a bit of mischief as usual so I decide not to mention any names but tell him I used to worship there and live in the neighborhood so if he could just let me pass. He is still adamant and finally he says he will need somebody to identify me. So he goes in to call the watchman who I know very well does not remember me. I could easily have identified myself (I was the single largest consumer for his wife’s roasted groundnut biz) but remember I’m in mischief mode.

He also says then we will have to wait for the pastor to come in before they can allow me have my quiet time at the church premises. Luckily a woman comes by and after looking at me head to toe says they should allow me in the church premises but not into the church hall itself and keep an eye on me because strange things have been happening lately in the church.

I say ‘yes I know. Stranger things are happening in Accra as a capital’ with a straight face.

So now I sit outside and call a student of mine who lives in the flats and attends church and sometimes studies there to come so I look through her long essay for her. It is when she gets there that they realize that I’m no stranger in the area and my personal watchman goes away.

Very soon Uncle (Rev) Addo, one of my favorite persons whilst growing up in the neighborhood comes along and I hug him and we exchange pleasantries and I tell him I’m in town for a few days and have relocated to Tamale blah blah blah and how is ministry and family, the whole nine yards. I see even my student is befuddled I’m that popular and the woman who allowed me entry in the first place had her mouth open. Funny indeed!

But by then I was done and heading off anyways so I said my goodbyes. The security man now calls me back and pleads with me that he is sorry and I shouldn’t be offended to which I say he shouldn’t worry but I understand he was doing his work obeying orders from above. I walk away.

Well folks, that was my foray back into the neighborhood that nurtured me and made me who I am today. I thought I should share this story with you so that we know how best we can maintain our associations that we have formed whilst growing up.

In an era where connectivity is the order of the day we should cement these relationships.

Mentorship programs can be formed and keeping track of linking businesses in our various fields will go a long way to make our very lives and the lives of our families easier.

We have forged friendships and relationships of different kinds and we need to keep them alive.

So reach out to somebody you grew up in the same neighborhood with.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!