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Royal Priesthood

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So on a visit to a friend, me and twinny had a good time and there were very interesting topics that came up for discussions . We talked about almost everything that came to mind and realized that we had so much to do in this life not just physically but also spiritually. We have been called to do so much yet we have limited ourselves to do so little. “God are watching you..” (in obinim’s voice)

Sleeping that night after a bit of meditation I realized that there was a whole lot of inter connection between the priests of God and us normal believers that we take for granted. (For where I’m going to talk about now it will take people who know these people to understand what I’m driving at).

So there’s the retired solider head pastor at the top, down to earth jovial and affable. His adopted son marries his biological daughter and becomes his boss in the convention by virtue of education. He’s the father of the sons of Adam. He’s brought up, mentored and nurtured many other priests including the converted Muslim prophet and man of God whose story is almost the same as the father of missions who was once a council of state member who happens to the the father in law of the three different priests who marry his daughters. He’s the father of the daughters of Eve.

These men of God are working tirelessly in the vineyard of God and doing exploits and many people are blessed in various ways through their ministry and the impact they create just with their lives of faith.

There is the young pastor in ministry and me, a believer, who put our heads together and realize that God indeed has His own way of doing things in His own time. We are linked to another man of God who’s also a product of a man of God who is gradually casting a niche for himself with monthly seminar and conferences teaching on relationships as men ought to live with God, relationship with nature and relationship with fellow human beings.

The whole conundrum reminds me of the song 🎶”though we are many ,we are one body. We are one body in Christ !” 🎶

In this vineyard of God, it is high time we realize that life is about cooperation to win more souls for Christ and not for competition for who wins the more souls or the richest and most vibrant congregation for God says that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

We are all a royal priesthood called to service. There are different branches to this service and each priest needs to identify their branch and work towards being a diligent and approved workman to work towards The Great Commission.

Dear reader, will you heed the call to work in the fields or you’re still waiting on that white collar job in Heaven.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!

Count Your Blessings

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The songwriter says count your blessings, name them one by one, see what glorious mercies the lord has done.

More often than not we look outward and count the bigger blessings like having a house, a car, and the material things in life. Have we ever stopped to think that the most important blessings are the little ones?

First and foremost, we have life. How many funerals were there this past weekend alone? Yet we are alive and kicking. The greatest gift God has given us is the gift of another day and we need to be grateful.

Now you saw today huh. Yes the gift of sight. That’s another blessing on its own. It is part of the gift of all the senses. I remember during the pandemic how people were eager just to smell the things that hitherto they considered pungent like the smell at that korle area or Odawna in Accra or the forest in front of Modern City Hotel during the heat season or the various open defecation places in Tamale, and I remember how it gave me the freedom to fart freely at seminars and workshops and if you could smell it through your nose mask it was considered albeit jokingly that you were covid free. 😂😂

Heh! This world. Something that was socially inappropriate now becomes accepted because it becomes a marker for something serious.

If you want to understand the magnitude of the gift of life and the many blessings one enjoys daily just spend a few hours at any hospital emergency or OPD. One time I was in the hospital and the orderlies sent to collect the oxygen tank ended up engaging in an auction for the tank since there was only one tank and three people wanted it. It became a haggle for who could pay more for the tank right there and then. The haggling went on for a while and then the highest bidder paid 80 cedis an hour for the oxygen.

I felt water tricking down the front of my shirt and apparently whilst the haggling was going on it had dawned on me the implication of what was happening right in front of me. Somebody was going to pay 80 cedis an hour to live for the air that I could breathe freely and if I didn’t want it could just fart it out freely too.

Now let me do a little Bawumiaconomics here..  If I am 40 years old plus, and for every hour that I have been on this earth I was paying even one Ghana per hour on the oxygen that I was breathing, how much will that be? That will be One Ghana multiplied by 24, multiplied by 7 days a week, multiplied by 30 days a month, multiplied by 365 days a year and finally multiplied by my age. That’s how much gratefulness I owed to God.

Indeed when the songwriter said count your blessings, I truly didn’t consider this as much of a blessing but more like an entitlement as a human, since I was living. Until this haggling /auction incident.

Today as I write this, I have gone to play soccer, yeah, my first soccer game after my knee accident, and again I have pulled a hamstring. I really need to consider my age when doing some things and not overdo it since I’m no spring chicken anymore as most of my friends will be quick to point out to me.  But the thing is that, that little muscle that I have pulled hurts like hmm and when I walk it is like I am walking on pines and needles. It is a little muscle just under my butt cheek but with the pain it makes sitting pretty difficult and walking is as awkward as can be.

What I take from all this is to give glory to God because in His perfect wisdom He created the human body and every sinew, muscle or bone is important in its place in the body structure. It shows the magnificence of God. If you don’t believe it just stick your thumb in your palm and try to pick anything up. See if you can.

Another thing is that small part of the ear that controls the whole balance in your body. That explains why when one is slapped so hard the person just falls flat.

In essence all I am saying is let us just appreciate the little things in life. I do appreciate a lot, even the fact that you are the one reading this. If it wasn’t for you, who would I be expressing my thoughts to.

Appreciate the everyday things around you and the everyday people too. The little things that you see around are the same things that come together to constitute the big thing you call life.

The more appreciative we are in life, the easier life gets for us and God Himself inhabits the praise of His creation. Let’s be grateful to God and give glory for his blessings in our life.

Thank God for a new day each day.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!


Matters Arising

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Dear Nii Kpakpo,

It has become very imperative that I write to you constantly especially with the several issues going on in the country. Chale! A lot of things are happening and we as a nation need to sit up and do our part as the citizenry to make this country work. Honestly, if we say we are going to wait for government then we are doomed because this government appears seemingly clueless as to what is going on.

Either that or the government is intentionally ‘punishing’ the people for the greater good of staying in power in the next elections. Well, such Machiavellian principles have always been proven to work and I’m sure this is no exception.

I was just thinking out aloud the other day and I was wondering what kinda human being will want to change a government that allows a grown man to play oware the whole day with his friends and then at the end of the day the member of parliament of the area sends his representative to over to the group to give each person gh5 and at the end of the month they are on government schemes that ensure that they are paid about 150gh monthly?

Kpakpo, there are people in Ghana breaking their backs to make a living and to make ends meet. These are the people feeling the pinch of the tightening economy. But whilst they patiently wait for Election 2016 to attempt to get this government off the seat of power, the government is also dealing with making promises and showing signs of letting these promises work in the hinterland where the people matter and where the real votes are. These grassroots folk are simple minded folk and very easily convinced.

So let them rave and rant in Accra and do all the demonstrations that they want, but where it matters most, the government is sealing the trust of the people. After all nobody forced anybody to live in the capital which is congested and already choked with pressure on social amenities.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson! Now to lighter issues. The other day I happened to be walking by the cluster of public toilets and I noticed that the attendant was not available. It set me really thinking about some issues. Mind you this was around one am in the morning whilst I was trying to find your sister some food she was craving for. You know that happens once in a while and if she doesn’t get what she craves then it means nobody in the house sleeps cos she can’t sleep either.

I was thinking really hard that around that time since it was a public toilet then it meant that anybody who wanted to use the facility actually used it for free. Since the attendant cannot be present all 24hours of the day but the facility was there all the time it meant that somebody could actually just use it every day for free if they knew the attendant’s schedule. Is it not the same thing that happens with the Telcos and then they say they are running promos of cheaper rates that these odd hours as if they were doing us a favor?
Well that was what I was thinking. But you should see the dressing of some people when they are going to the public toilet in the morning. You would think they were going for an event. Well, it is an event too isn’t it?

Kpakpo, the rains have started but whenever it rains the relief only lasts just a few hours. Imagine that it rains for 3hours the previous day and the very next day the sun is out and the morning is quite cool but by noon sun is high overhead at heats unbearable. Well, we are gradually getting used to it so not worried much. I hear visitors to Tamale complaining that the place is hot and I wonder what they expected when they were coming here.

The #iBelieveInReading project is going very well and I have been getting interesting and very touching letters from parents and teachers who want books for their children and pupils so they can personally supervise their children to read. This has been very encouraging for me so I can get more books to give out freely so we can inculcate a habit of reading into Ghanaian children. Moreover I have been encouraging them to use the public library more since there are more books in there that will broaden the children’s minds.

This has become imperative following the recent listing of Ghana as last in the list of countries with the best education systems. As for that one I don’t even want to talk about it because if I started I won’t finish now. Suffice it to say the politicians have their own twist to that and it is such a shame. Let’s not forget that they even want to make education free in this country.

Nii Kpakpo, furthermore I have joined a team of ‘Volunteers with Swag’ who are a support team for any voluntary outreach program that will happen in the north. The group aims at being available to support both materially and physically in all philanthropic activities up north. Recently we have come to a decision to form such volunteer groups in every region so that volunteers are available for every program and these organizations will be under the umbrella Ghana Volunteer Program put together by the GhanaThink Foundation.
The savannah is growing very fast and with it attendant problems of being a metropolis. There are migrant workers from the other parts of the other regions seeing Tamale as an oasis and also a stopover on their way to the capital. Well, I wish them luck in their endeavors.

I haven’t stayed put much this few months but I intend to this time and let’s see how it goes.
Kpakpo, lemme end this letter here and leave you to the petty bickering that is happening between your celebrity friends on the #DumsorMustStop demonstration. They are so frivolous and I won’t even want to get into that one too. I’m sure it’s a humor point for you since one of the proponents is supposed to be a humorist and the other is a movie icon.

Oh shit! I said I won’t get into it.

Till I come your way again, let us keep hope alive and well, I’m not sure we got any tunnels in Ghana but only pipelines where all our plans are in so I cannot say there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Your Cousin in Law
Savannah Boy.