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Invincible or Invisible

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in recent times some of us have complained about the politicizing of everything in this country. i have said time and again to anybody who can read or hear that in this land of our birth even as natural an act as sneezing could betray your supposed political affiliation. you know how we sneeze and then instead of ‘bless you’ we say a few words? somebody might say ‘bless nana’ or another might say ‘i told you so’ and these sayings might be interpreted depending on who’s standing by to be political insinuations with reference to the occupant of the flagstaff house or the economic hardships still prevailing.

anyways that is the Ghana we have come to love with its nuance and all its unconventional methods and red tape only when it suits some people. but who am i to say.

so we all say change has come and then right off the bat we start hearing of the winning party supporters attacking supporters of the losing party. reports in the media indicate that known NDC supporters were attacked at home and beaten up.

further reports also indicate that some armed and rioting forces have started and it is still an ongoing process, are seizing public toilets, toll booths, government offices and all in the name of a popular slogan in akan ‘ma aban na aba so‘ to wit ‘my government is in power.

the group that has claimed responsibility for perpetrating these acts calls themselves INVINCIBLE (or is it INVISIBLE) FORCES.

back in school studying traditional religion and a host of other subjects, we always were asked ‘what is in a name?” this has always made me associate names with occurrences and try to delve into how a group chooses a name. there have been several political associations and just hear their names and you know what they are about even if they dont spell it out explicitly to you the name should give you a clue to their objective.

but here is one group perpetrating acts bothering on vandalism of state property and abusing the rights of people and nobody seems to do anything about it except that the ruling party now came out with a press statement to effect that the group was not a part of its machinery and that they were acting on their own. really?? so if they were acting on their own why hasn’t the law taken action against them and have them arrested thus setting a few culprits as examples to deter the others.

in Tamale i had my former office locked up when this group numbering about forty on motorbikes just stormed the district office of National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) and Youth Employment Program (YEP) and asked the workers out only to produce locks they had brought themselves to lock up these offices.

the regional National Health Insurance office suffered the same fate and people who were  trying to register and do transactions who tried to protest were whipped physically leading to a stampede for everybody to rush out of the offices. i hear the same thing happened at the metro office of NADMO and before the police could get there to intervene these people are gone. sometimes they brazenly wait for the police and exchange words with them until the police drag them off the premises.

a typical Ghanaian will ask, what is all this? can we just not tolerate each other and live peacefully. the fact that your government is in power doesn’t give you the right to vandalize government offices and attack government institutions asking for the resignation of executive officers to be replaced by party loyalists.

this is where the issue is. if really we were thinking Ghana first, then the civil service will not have to be politicized and its machinery can run effectively devoid of political affiliation. but in the system where the winner takes all, it has become imperative to use Machiavellian principles in a democracy thus ensuring that all the heads of the civil service are loyalists of the ruling government so as to secure an agenda not contrary to the principles of the ruling party. in some jurisdictions, when government policy does not tie in with the civil service then you know there is a standoff.

all the ducks have to be in tow for a ruling government as we see happening in parliament but that is another story for another day.

so back to the invincible forces. i really dont want to speculate here but the question still stands as to what is in a name? what is the law doing about them and are they as invincible as they seem to be because people in civil service office are feeling their actions visibly.

what i can do as admonished in the ‘plagiarized speech’ is to be a citizen not a participant and do my duty to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana as per our anthem. to be a Ghanaian is a mindset that involves every individual that it is this individual mindset that will evolve into the collective.

mine is to raise the issues and set you thinking but then what to do is up to you.

so like i always say IT BEGINS WITH YOU!




















Accra City Blues

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So much is going on in the capital city that we in the periphery, especially in the savannah, are wondering what is going on and why some people have to think that Accra and its sentiments express the views of the other millions of Ghanaians spread all over ythe country’.

Damn! We are rocked by political scandals, not to mention the looting of state funds as evident by the Public Accounts Comittee hearings.

What is really going on I wonder.

GYEEDA, SADA, etc have all made ghanaians proud to beat the title theirs corrupt nation in the world.

Well what can I say but that we have been given fair warning by one presidential staffer, is he former, that if you can’t stand the corruption and the stomach politics aka chop chop, you can pack your bags, find your passport and just leave.

Maybe Nunnoo Travel and Relocations will facilitate it. After all he could afford to relocate a whole school when even the government could not.

as for the AMA and its Toilet Chronicles, the less said about them the better. In the savannah, most things are free range and that goes for shitting too without saying. The savannah metropole assemblies have almost no problems in that department at all, I think.

Reently the President commissioned the Nkrumah Interchange and whilst it was going on, sellers were barred from making a living, for security reasons? Like all projects in Ghana we are waiting too see how long this project will take and in the trend we are going , how much chop chop before the project is completed.

i keep saying for this land of our birth to work and move forward, it doesn’t only depend on the quality of leaders we have (so far quality is whack) but also the collective effort of the citizenry.

Accra is just a small part of GHANA and sentiments expressed in Accra may not be the sentiments of the majority of the people in Ghana. But still let us be circumspect with what we say about or whatever happens in any part of the country.

like I always say, it begins with YOU!





Six Pack Coming Soon!

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Look closely this picture and tell me what you see? This picture inspires me to write what’s on my mind. Seriously we in Ghana take exercising less seriously than we are supposed to. Every time we wait till it gets very bad then we now try to find solutions to the already worsened situation.

Six packs coming up is a parody on how we as Ghanaians do not pay attention to anything until it is rather too late. From politics through to religion, from education through to our social system and to our very existence and everyday life, we keep procrastinating and shifting things on to a later date. Take for example the most familiar political jargon , the words you will hear from any politician when you should ask them a question as to how long a project is to be undertaken for the benefit of the people and they will, one and all say’’ it’s in the pipeline’. Every action or project decision is in the pipeline. When will the proverbial pipeline ever be flooded and the project will see the light of is as if all the politicians when the swear the oath of secrecy have it’s in the pipeline burnt on their tongues like God burnt words on the tongues of the prophets of old.

Talk about the prophets and the religious ministers and if you are lucky and they preach about salvation, the congregation will listen and be thinking, wait for me to gain my worldly possessions then i can be saved. But do you blame them. Same thing happened when a wannabe disciple asked Jesus what he had to do to be saved. When told he should leave his wealth and come follow Christ, he said he had to go put his house in order. We always have an excuse to postpone the most immediate action.

On social media it is obvious that every Ghanaian knows exactly what is wrong with the Ghanaian system and will rave and rant when they are not in the driving seat and call the political leaders inept, corrupt and inefficient. But alas! When these youth, by their political affiliation, get into positions that they can effect change they kowtow to the very systems they criticised. These leaders always have an excuse as to why they have joined the rank and file of the very people they criticises in that same pipeline. i have been in the same post graduate seminars with some of these leaders who have vocally pledged that they will not circumvent the wheel and as such for me it is not surprising that finding them in high places and they do nothing but selfishly amass public wealth for themselves.

Unfortunately even though it is a crime to divert funds for one’s own personal use in Ghana, provided that you can give back the principal of the money stolen the punishment is deferred. . The justice system in Ghana is just like everywhere else, only for the rich and privileged?

Now let us go back to health issues. a friend of mine who was a healthy sportsman got a job at a leading bank and was so busy he neglected his health. Bad eating habits combined with no exercise and a sleeping disorder combined to ravish his body and he was diagnosed with high cholesterol at a young age of thirty four. On the day that he was diagnosed, being an avid sportsman and knowing the implications, he took the day off and went to find a gym to register to so he could get back into shape. Why did he wait to get a terminal disease before he got back to seriously thinking of his health?


Like the story above, we can all relate to waiting to the very last minute before we take action. The cliché a stitch in time saves nine is very apt. an act in time averts further misfortune and we have to learn to take out lives and health more seriously. Life is not all about ourselves but what we can do for others. Other people need us more than we need ourselves so open your eyes and your mind to your surroundings and help out if you can. No matter who you are, you have something you can help with and give out. It could be your time or just a word of advice.

Six pack coming soon. Let’s not wait for the soon but yes let’s start working on that six pack now, not later, so that it comes sooner.

 Like I always say it begins with YOU!!

Ghana my Motherland! Health is Wealth?

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Having been born to a nurse and lived the greater portion of my life in a hospital environment with strictest nurse in Ghana (ask any senior nurse in the Ministry of Health about Matron Mary Larbi) when i came across this experience of a friend, i was aghast. What the heck is the health sector coming to these days? From young flashy women who want to use the nursing platform as a springboard to higher things, whatever that is, to very arrogant doctors who think the world revolves around them (I’ve met a few of those too), the health sector is gradually going to ruin and a healthy nation would depend on a healthy populace.

Furthermore i personally think the proliferation of private nursing and health care institutions is not helping matters and these institutions, just like the private universities (another matter altogether i will get to later) are only out to make money and fail to streamline the entrants. once you can pay you are in and nobody cares.

Okay so you wondering what is getting my goat this morning here’s the story and you tell me what you think. I wont edit the story but will just cut and paste it with no emphasis so you see the indignation.

Sally Asabea Abraham wrote:


 On the 2nd of February 2013, I took a taxi from the Nungua Brigade Area to Tema Community 2.

I was “whatsapping “on my phone the whole time so I wasn’t really looking on the road. When we got to the Community 3 Cocobod Branch, apparently the taxi driver was overtaking a trailer and there was an oncoming vehicle with full speed.

The “Head On” Collision was unavoidable, the taxi we hit went into the Community 3 flats and mine hit a pole, when I roused back to consciousness a few seconds after, there was a deep gash on my forehead and blood was oozing out in torrents.

A kind taxi driver offered to take us to the Hospital, luckily or unluckily, the Tema Community 2, Polyclinic was the closest to us so the driver sent us there for treatment.

Upon arrival at the hospital, we were taken into a room which looked like a ward, I was still bleeding from the Head but there was no first aid what’s so ever available, they now checked my pressure n my weight and forgot the fact that I was bleeding from the head.

At this juncture, I looked at the nurse closely to see if she had human eyes or bat eyes. Then they took us out to go wait for the doctor, the wound was still untreated.

So I went to sit on a bench to wait for my turn to see the doctor, when it finally got to my turn, the doctor asked the necessary questions and wrote down some drug for me. All this while, I was walking in the hospital in my blood soaked top and I was the new scare toy for kids as kids were just running away from me, the closer I got to them.

I got to the pharmacy and handed the list to the pharmacist and she said they did not have the drugs I needed for the dressing on the wound. The pharmacist asked me to go out and get it in my blood soaked clothes. At that point, I just burst into tears, aaarrhh where was the service in the healthcare industry???

So I called my older brother to come to the hospital to come take the prescription and go n get the drugs for me.

When he got the drugs for me together with what the hospital had at that time, I went to the dressing room, I got there and I had to pay dressing fee and injection fee before I could be treated.

Wow, it’s too lengthy to get health care when you don’t have money in Ghana. People who cannot afford Private Healthcare in Ghana are in trouble. Oooh and there’s a coke fee to get the nurse to do her work.

THE SERVICE TO GOD AND MAN, that’s not for free, has a COKE fee.

God help us.


So what happened to the National Health our politicians boast about. If even you are ready to pay for your healthcare and you have to pay unconventional coke and malt fees for the attendants to do their work, then how much more the money that doesn’t even come to them in the health insurance scheme.

Let us remember too that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation and human resource is part of the agenda for development in the Millennium Development Goals. The Ministry of Health needs to sit up to do its bit for the country health wise.

I am doing my bit to share this story here so we weed out the health workers spoiling the industry and i am also copying this experience to the President of the Ghana Registered Nurses Association so they can not tell me they are unaware that such cases happen.

Health is wealth!

Ghana my motherland!